People ask me a lot about the various tools and resources that I use, so I’ve compiled them all here for easy reference.

Web Hosting

BlueHost (affiliate link)
I’ve used BlueHost for years and have never had any issues. The only downtime I’ve ever experienced has been during scheduled maintenance, which they always email me about. And my site has never been down for the full window of time they give me.

WordPress Theme

Woo Themes
I use Bueno from Woo Themes on this site. It’s a free theme that I hacked and customized to get the look that I wanted. It’s simple to use, and the edits are very intuitive. I love how clean it is. Also, free.

Tips & Info

Blog Clarity
Melissa has put together some amazing information at Blog Clarity. She’s got tips for design, branding, social media, email, and so much more.

The SITS Girls
Tiffany and Fran have created a great community filled with supportive women and helpful information. Check them out for blog tips and suggestions, and support and networking from other bloggers.

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