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Retro Recipes – Ham and Bananas

13 Apr

Today’s retro recipes come to you from The Fruit Cookbook, by Jenny Stacey, published in 1995. I know that’s not super retro, but trust me, it’s just as weird as any gelatin concoction from the 50’s. Well, maybe not that weird. I mean, nothing is that weird.

You know how ham and pineapple is a thing? On Hawaiian pizza, Easter dinner, etc? Well evidently ham and banana is also a thing. Yeah, I’m not buying it either.

This is the cleverly named “Baked Ham & Bananas”. It starts off pretty normal, bake a ham, score the top, stud with cloves, cover with a brown sugar glaze. Okay, I’m with you so far. Then things get weird. Evidently you’re supposed to put whole bananas in a roasting pan with sugar, lime juice, and lime zest, then bake that. Then you serve the two together. No thanks.

This one is called a “Banana Monsieur” and if you don’t know the name, the picture looks deceptively appetizing. Maybe it’s a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich. I could get on board with that. But no such luck. It is in fact a fried sandwich with bananas, but instead of peanut butter it contains ham and cheese. No. So much no. Bananas do not belong on ham and cheese sandwiches.

So, in summary, stop trying to make ham and bananas happen, Jenny Stacey.

Retro Recipes – Small Game

2 Mar

Having recently come into possession of several old cookbooks, I though it would be selfish to keep all of these treasures to myself. So I’m sharing some of them with you, and I hope they’ll inspire your next dinner party.

Let’s start with this treasure trove, published by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in 1985.

And we’ll skip straight to the good stuff, small game.

We’ll skip over the seven different recipes for squirrel and jump right in to Brunswick Stew. Bonus! As the helpful note indicates, you can make this versatile recipe with rabbit, squirrel, racoon, or venison. You know, whatever’s already defrosted in the fridge.

Squirrel and racoon not doing it for ya? How about a Louisiana Rabbit Stew? This recipe actually calls for a 1/4 tsp of MSG. Yes, really.

If you want something more exotic, you could rustle up some Baked Rice and Nutria (Sub-Adult). Listen, I don’t know what a Nutria is or how you determine if it’s a sub-adult, but I can say with confidence that I have no desire to ever eat one.

Are you sick of boring old meatloaf? Mix things up with a Muskrat Meatloaf! The kids will love it!

You know a recipe is good when it not only contains opossum, but begins by telling you to “skin opossum, remove glands and entrails.” Yum, now that’s appetizing.

Feeling fancy and French? How about Fricasseed Raccoon?

How about something more exotic? I guess they couldn’t decide if turtle went with “fish and seafood” or “small game”. Seems like a toss up to me, so it ended up in the small game section.

So how’s that for some tasty treats? I feel like Louisiana in 1985 was a great place to be on a diet.