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Happy Friday, Teddy!

20 Nov

It occurred to me that it’s been a while since I’ve had a Teddy post over on this here blog, so I decided to feature photo collages of two of Teddy’s favorite activities, sleeping and begging for belly rubs.

Sorry about the vaguely obscene photo in the belly rub collage. Focus on his cute paws and fuzzy belly and not the Bear boy bits. There’s also one where he looks stoned, so maybe it’s not the most appropriate collection of images.

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is relaxing and you have a snuggly bear to spend it with.

Weekly Round Up – 10/23/15

23 Oct

Hey-o! Here, have some random things for a Friday.

Run Hard Rock Cafe

It’s that time again – Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 5K! And this year, there’s a 10K option too! But I’m not doing that one, I’m sticking with my 5K. Though I have to say, if you’re thinking about trying a 10K, this is the one to do. The course is totally flat, which is wonderful. So register, and meet me at the starting line November 7!

Pizza Cake

One of my coworkers had a birthday this week and we couldn’t decide what to get to celebrate. We usually do some kind of cake, but we know she loves pizza, so we floated the idea of a pizza party. Then I volunteered to make pizza cake, and the rest is history. I got rave reviews for these at the office, and I think they’re pretty cute! Three different pizzas, three different cake flavors. Yum.

Glitter Teddy

I was crafting with glitter tulle, the messiest of all craft supplies, so the floor of my office is covered in glitter. I was going to clean it up (honest! I was!) but then Teddy started rolling in it. I’m sorry, but Glitter Bear is just too cute and I want to spread glitter on all of my floors now. There’s no picture, because it’s not like I Mod Podge’d him and doused him in the stuff, it’s just enough that when we’re out for a walk and the sun catches him right, he sparkles. And that makes me giggle.

Speaking of Dogs

I’m generally a fan of the Helpful Honda Person commercials/campaigns, but I have an issue with one of their latest TV spots. In it, they go to the dog park to give dogs baths. So basically, these dogs thought they were having the best day, and you ruined it. Thanks, Honda.

Chair Shopping

I’m in the market for an accent chair for my bedroom. I want a slipper chair, and I’d like to spend around $200. Perfect! Home Good and the internet are FULL of slipper chairs for around $200! But I want a white one. Not gray. Not beige. Not linen. WHITE. And evidently for that wild and insane color choice, my options start at $550 and skyrocket from there. What’s that all about? Is white really such a weird color? I can get one from Ballard Designs for around $570, but I don’t even love it. That’s a lot of dough for a chair I’m settling for. So the search continues.

Weekly Round Up – 7/31/15

31 Jul

Hey-o. Aside from the usual work and Netflix grind, here’s what I’m into this week.

Special Olympics World Games

A photo posted by Anne Hogan (@anne_hogan) on

I was able to spend Wednesday afternoon at the dressage competition for the Special Olympics World Games. Did you know that this is the largest sporting and humanitarian event of the year? And you can be a spectator at any of the events for FREE? There’s still time to go before the games end on August 2! Check out the schedule – there are events happening all over LA!

Maxwell House

This ain’t your daddy’s Maxwell House. I picked up their iced coffee concentrate this week and I’ve been loving it. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid spending a ton of money on coffee, but I’m also too lazy to make it myself at home. This is a great solution – you just fill a cup with ice, add milk, and squirt in the concentrate. It tastes like a great iced drink from the famous coffee shop, only you make it in your own less fancy kitchen.

Teddy Snuggles

A photo posted by Anne Hogan (@anne_hogan) on

When am I not into Teddy snuggles? Earlier this week he was feeling especially cuddly, and he climbed into my lap and nuzzled his sweet fluffy head into my chest. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich, but I’m going to tell myself it’s just because he loves me so much.

Amazon Dash

They’re real! And they’re here! You can get your Amazon Dash buttons now and get instant refills whenever you need them. There’s no Diet Coke button, which is clearly a big bummer for me. But I might get that Clorox Wipes button, because I use those a lot. There isn’t one that I actually need, but I’m probably going to deliberate for a while and then order one anyway. Because it seems like fun.

Weekly Round Up – 7/17/15

17 Jul

Hey party people! I have a jam packed weekend and I can’t wait to get to it all. But more on that next week. In the meantime, here are some things that I’m loving this week. I feel like I just said week a million times. Hi, I’m a great writer.

Konjac Sponges

Have you heard of these things? A konjac sponge is used to exfoliate your face, and it’s made from plant roots, so it’s all natural. It’s soft and gentle enough to use everyday, and feels less abrasive than one of those spinning brushes. In fact, it felt so soft that while I was using it I was convinced that it wasn’t doing anything. Then I dried off my face and it felt like a baby. I highly recommend. They last for two to three months, there’s no batteries, no mess, and it’s all natural. Winning all around.

Caramel Sauce

Thursday night I had dinner with friends, and I got to the restaurant early. So naturally I ordered a caramel sundae to start. When my friend got there she told the hostess she was looking for the blonde eating a sundae and was led straight to my table. It’s all about standing out and being memorable, folks. And caramel sauce.

Lilly Pulitzer Yacht Yard

I am obsessed with this Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress in Yacht Yard. I adore me some Lilly, but the reality is that I’m just not a “loud print clothes” kind of gal. But I am a navy stripe with a subtle sailboat kind of gal. And I’ve basically been living in this dress this summer.

Teddy Bear

I’m always pretty obsessed with my angel bear, but Teddy Bear’s had a tummy ache this week, so I’m extra focused on him. I hate it when he’s not feeling well. Of course, he’s not as dumb as he might have you believe, and he knows that, so he totally milks it. Either way, there have been lots of snuggles and belly rubs and whatever Bear wants. In other words, business as usual.

Friends Emojis

Someday I will shut up about this post. Today is not that day. I’m sorry, but I just think it is so dang clever. I created the Friends season one episode titles in emojis. Praise me! Tell me I’m smart! And funny! VALIDATE ME, INTERNET.

5 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

23 May

Memorial Day weekend! Summer is here! The office is closed Monday! This is all very exciting. And if you’re not sure exactly how to fill these three glorious days of sun and fun, I’ve got you covered.


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I went to a screening of the Stitchers premiere. It’s a new show from ABC Family, and it airs June 2 at 9pm (8 Central). But why you may not know is that there’s an app you can download now (or play online) to familiarize yourself with the Stitchers ‘verse and try out a case. I don’t wanna brag, but I totally solved that murder.

Magazine Catch Up

I love The Hollywood Reporter and AdWeek, but they come every week. It’s a lot, and I can’t keep up. I’m a busy lady – Teddy’s belly isn’t going to rub itself. So this weekend, I’ll be sitting in the sun and flipping through some back issues.

Make Time for a Strenuous Work Out Every Day


Take A Nap

There we go, that one’s more like me. Treat yourself to an afternoon snooze by the pool. Just don’t forget sunscreen and/or an umbrella or you’ll end up with weird tan lines (best case) or a wicked burn (worst case).

Watch Jim Gaffigan

I’m still not totally over the cancellation of My Boys but the pain is eased by the news of Jim Gaffigan’s new sitcom on TVLand. And better yet, you can watch the first episode on Jim’s website before the summer premier.

Enter the Beggin’ National Pup Star Search

Submit a photo of your dog for a chance to be featured on a bag of Beggin’! They’ll be picking fifty dogs, so that means forty-nine of you have a chance. Because clearly, Teddy Bear will be on a bag. I mean, how could he not?