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DIY Sleeping Beauty Ear Hat

15 Oct

So here’s the deal, I love Sleeping Beauty. It’s my favorite Disney movie, Aurora is my favorite princess, Merryweather is my favorite fairy, etc, etc, etc. But Aurora is constantly getting the shaft. Take the ear hats. The other princesses have ear hats. Ariel has ears and I’ve seen Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Tiana too. But no Aurora. Well if Disney won’t make them, I’ll make them myself.

Making my own Sleeping Beauty ears has been on my “to craft” list for a while, but I’d been procrastinating. Then the fabulous people at Holster Brands reached out and asked if they could send me a Hobby Holster. It’s a silicone mat that clings to the side of your table and holds your hot glue gun. So then I needed a hot glue project, and my Sleeping Beauty ears came to mind.

Now, you may be wondering why my Hobby Holster is hanging over my dishwasher. Fun story. I used to have a dining room table. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it did its job, which more often than not was holding crafts. I can count on one hand the number of meals that were actually served on that table. And after several years, the table was kaput. It had scars from Exacto knives, and globs of hot glue that just wouldn’t come off. Since I have yet to replace the table, I’m using my kitchen counters to craft.

And craft I did. I didn’t take as many in progress pictures as I would have liked, because I was trying not to burn myself with hot glue.

Here’s how I did it:

Start with some basic Mickey Mouse ears.

For the back:

Use one sheet of purple craft felt. Play around with it a bit to get the positioning the way you want it, then hot glue it on and trim away the excess.

Use one sheet of black glitter felt. Measure along the band of the ears and cut to the desired height and length, then just free hand cut some jagged vines and hot glue it on.

Here’s a fun tip: Do you have stray hot glue strings on your project? Like these?

You don’t want to pull at them, because especially on felt you run the risk of messing up your finished product. Hit them with a hair dryer, and they’ll go away. See?

Next, hot glue your Maleficent patch on.

For the front:

Use one sheet of white craft felt as your base so no black shows through. Use the same method you used for your purple felt to hot glue it on.

Use one sheet of light blue craft felt to cover the white – again, use the method that works for you, hot glue it on, and trim away any excess.

Use one sheet of glitter paper to trace the outline of Aurora’s crown and cut it out. (It’s basically an obtuse triangle with offset circles cut out halfway up each side.) You can get glitter paper at any craft store, it’s usually with the scrapbooking papers. Don’t peel the backing off of the glitter paper, just hot glue around the bottom of the crown. This way it will stand out a little and give you a three dimensional effect.

Then, add your fairy godmothers patch to one of the ears.

And ta da! You’re done!

Here’s what I love about the Hobby Holster:

1. Your projects will be neater, because the glue doesn’t stick to the silicone. I hate putting my hot glue gun on newspaper on the table and then you go to pick it up and end up lifting up the newspaper and it’s just a whole ordeal.

2. Your table (or kitchen counter) will be saved.

3. You cannot pull this thing down. Trust me, I tried. I don’t know how it works, but it sticks really well to the table top without leaving a mark or any residue.

4. When you’re done, the hot glue will just pop right out of the holster. And your glue gun stays cleaner, too.

Here’s what I love about my Sleeping Beauty ears:

1. There’s glitter.

2. Merryweather


4. I used blue, because even though all of her merchandise shows the pink dress, the blue is far superior.

Disclaimer: Holster Brands provided me with a Hobby Holster free of charge. Opinions, crafts, and table destruction are all mine.

Zombie Cookies for your Ghouls

29 Sep

I did some baking this weekend, and made sugar cookies decorated like zombies. These would be fun to make with kids, or at at a Halloween party.

These were really easy to do – and fun! I started with a basic sugar cookie recipe and used assorted gingerbread and ninja cookie cutters to do the shapes. I also made a few basic rounds, but that was mostly because my dough was too sticky to work with and rolling it out was giving me fits.

Then I assembled my decorating goodies! I used glitter gel in red and black, black sprinkles, red and black glitter, sour Skittles, and these adorable bloody bone candies that I found at Target.

To decorate, just let your imagination run wild! And when in doubt, add extra blood drops. This is just a sampling of the ones I decorated, but I repeated a lot of the themes. Coming up with zombie ideas that can be executed in sugar is harder than I thought!

These were so much fun to make, and so simple! Definitely a fun way to pass an afternoon and get into the Halloween spirit!

Apartment Fixtures: Drab to Fab

24 Sep

There are a million things to do with a new apartment, and the most important is to find the easy, inexpensive things that will take your new home from drab to fab, without losing your security deposit. My first solution? Replacing the existing cabinet and door knobs.

My kitchen cabinets actually don’t have knobs, but I have two amazing built in cabinets with knobs, plus the closet doors and bathroom vanity. I mean really, how amazing is this storage? There are two of these!

But the knobs? White plastic blech.

Time for an upgrade! I found these gorgeous Venetian bronze cabinet knobs on sale at Home Depot for a steal at $2.50 a piece.

I am so obsessed with these, and I really love the difference they make.

Next up, door knobs. My apartment came with polished brass tulip knobs – pretty standard builder’s grade, but worlds away from what I would have picked.

But the real kicker? Check out the bathroom knobs. MISMATCH. Yeah, I cannot live like this.

And so, another upgrade! This time with round Venetian bronze knobs for $10 per door at Lowe’s.

I spent about $60 (three doors, twelve cabinets) and the whole project took maybe an hour and a half. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can do this. It’s such a simple upgrade that makes a huge impact. You don’t have to live with builder’s grade knobs! Just remember to keep the original hardware (I use Ziploc bags for each set) so you can replace it when you move out.

Guest Post: Donna from Dangerous Cupcakes

21 Mar

A few weeks ago my beloved AJ came up with this fun blog swap idea for some local bloggers. We’re taking turns posting on each other’s blogs, and it’s been a fun challenge to try to write in someone else’s voice, about topics that are outside your norm. Today I’m excited to host Donna from Dangerous Cupcakes. Great name, right?

I’m not a fashionista. There, I said it out loud. I hate to admit it, but one look in my closet and you’ll see what I mean. My clothing choices range from florals to lace to animal print to leather. In short, whatever I like is typically what goes. I’m all over the map with no real “style” or “look.” I buy what I like and what I think looks good on me, though there are cases I know that I’m off the mark.

I do own stylish, quality pieces – too many of them – but the problem is that I didn’t always buy with forethought. Those items I liked, I’d buy, without much of a care as to what I’ll pair them with. That comes back to haunt me every time I go into the closet and I can’t find what I need.

For a while now, I’ve had the self-imposed motto of: one item in, one item out. I started that a few years ago as we decided to make a cross-country move; we had to downsize in order to fit all of our belongings into a moving truck and my closet wasn’t immune from The Purge of 2010.

Fast-forward to 2013, and we were doing another purge. It’s amazing what I’d again amassed during that three-year period, but this time? It felt GOOD. It wasn’t a chore, it wasn’t a moment of “I can’t get rid of this, I worse this when I found out I was pregnant with my now 18-year-old daughter” but a moment of “YES, this feels good to not have such an attachment to clothing!” I enjoyed it so much that even after the move, after packing it all up and storing it until we bought a new house, I went through it one last time, this time with a very harsh eye. I cut loose two more garbage bags full of stuff I’d recently paid to move! (Donated it all! Please consider making someone else’s day by giving clothing away to those that may need it way more than you imagine, as your clothes can go to those that had to leave their home in the middle of the night to escape an abusive situation as well as those looking for a job and in need of an appropriate interview outfit.)

Now that we’re settled into our house, my closet is nowhere near as big as the old one. Not only do I need to stick with donating one item every time I bring one home (okay, almost every time) but I have learned to shop more discriminately. No longer is it just okay for it to be a cute top, but it has to match at least a couple of other items. The exception is when I’m buying an entire new outfit for a particular event, but honestly, that’s infrequent. With enough classic purchases throughout the years, pieces of clothing or footwear that are evergreen, things that last through the ages as fashion trends come and go, I can almost always put together a new, trendy outfit by just purchasing one item.

I envy women who can walk into a store, grab specific items and head to the register. You know next time you see them, they’ll be wearing yet another gorgeous outfit because their fashion seems instinctual.

That is not me. For me, fashion takes work. I hear about an event or business trip or night out and instantly I do the “What will I wear??” A few ideas pop into my head, but usually of the one-item variety. That skirt I bought last week…. Great, a chance to wear my new black boots! Oooh, I can finally wear that red blouse I bought on sale last month. Where do you go from there? I head into the closet and stare. I look at the shoes. I look at my shirts. I look back at the shoes and then towards the pants. Towards the pile of jeans. To the dresses. My head spins and as I’m standing in an overstuffed closet, I’m considering not going because I have nothing to wear!

Thank goodness I have two daughters who are able to objectively walk into my closet and pull together an appropriate outfit, in about 1/10 of the time it takes me to realize I’m overwhelmed.

I love fashion, don’t get me wrong. I like to look good, and I want my clothing to befit the event. I want to look good for my husband, my kid(s) or my business. Sexy wife, cool mom, professional businesswoman… but it’s not nearly as effortless as it looks! I also love to shop, and the piles of shoeboxes attest to that, as they are my favorite secret that’s no longer a secret. I love shoes. I have 150+ pairs and would buy another pair tomorrow if I saw one I liked. (I truly believe that while it’s an unnecessary luxury, you can never have too many pairs.) I just need to be sure I wear them, so I have learned to pay attention. I pay attention to fashion mags, what celebs wear, what other women wear, and what the professionals say. It’s taking work, but I’m getting there. Earlier today, I went to a business event with a lot of women that knew how to put an outfit together, and I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Would I call myself fashion-forward? No, but there’s still time.

Thank you so much, Donna! It’s been fun playing host today! Be sure to check out Donna a Dangerous Cupcakes and @DangerCupcake.

Celebrate Pi Day!

14 Mar

Nerds, rejoice, our holiday is here! I love Pi Day, and there’s more to it than just eating every kind of pie you can get your hands on. But don’t underestimate the importance of eating as much pie as you possibly can. That’s crucial.

If you want to take your Pi Day celebration one step further, here are some fun ideas to help!

Pi Day Shirt, from Sugar Bee Crafts

Free Keep Calm It’s Pi Day printable, from Our Mini Family

Pi Cake, from Instructables

Pi Day Headband, from ME!

So now, go forth and celebrate 3.14!