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Celebrate Pi Day!

14 Mar

Nerds, rejoice, our holiday is here! I love Pi Day, and there’s more to it than just eating every kind of pie you can get your hands on. But don’t underestimate the importance of eating as much pie as you possibly can. That’s crucial.

If you want to take your Pi Day celebration one step further, here are some fun ideas to help!

Pi Day Shirt, from Sugar Bee Crafts

Free Keep Calm It’s Pi Day printable, from Our Mini Family

Pi Cake, from Instructables

Pi Day Headband, from ME!

So now, go forth and celebrate 3.14!

Don’t #BanBossy

12 Mar

If you’ve been online this week you’ve probably seen the #BanBossy campaign. The basic idea is that we should stop calling little girls bossy because it diminishes them as budding leaders. While I agree with encouraging girls to become leaders, I don’t think banning bossy is the way to do that. The word itself isn’t what discourages girls, it’s the emotion behind the word. If we remove the word bossy, there will just be another word to take it’s place.

Instead of shielding girls from the word bossy, why don’t we talk to them about why they’re being called bossy? I don’t remember being called bossy as a child, but I sure have been called that as an adult! Along with a number of bossy’s synonyms. In my experience, people who call women bossy aren’t doing it to squelch women as leaders, but rather as a manifestation of their own insecurities.

Strong, motivated women can be threatening, especially to people who are – to be blunt – lazy. If you have a person or group of people who are unqualified, unmotivated, or untalented, and a strong leader comes in to impose a stronger work ethic and higher standards, there is going to be push back. If that leader is a woman, and more so if the people she’s leading are men, that push back is going to come in the form of name calling and undercutting. She’s bossy. She’s a bitch. She’s trying to prove something.

I’ve been lucky to work with and for men and women who don’t push back against strong leadership, but enjoy it because a strong leader – male or female – pushes everyone to be their best. Not one of those people has ever called me bossy.

So instead of removing the word bossy, why don’t we teach girls how to respond to that? Arm them with the leadership skills to bring out the best in people, and teach them how to handle resistance with grace. Because if we really do want our little girls to grow up to be strong leaders, they will have to learn to handle dissent. Isn’t it better to teach them that at young age instead of trying to remove obstacles? Part of leadership is overcoming obstacles and learning to work with difficult people, and that’s a skill that everyone could use.

A Country Christmas

4 Dec

I have to preface this post with an apology to my mother. For years she decorated with a Country Christmas theme, and for years I made fun her. Mercilessly. So what have I done this year? Country Christmas. I’m sorry, Mama. Though in my defense, there isn’t a single angel with rafia hair in my house. ;)

It all started with this pin from Country Outfitter, and I knew I had to wrap boots in lights. Then things went from there.

The rest was pretty simple. I hung my beloved tin star, covered some lights in quilt batting, and then used some Christmas papers to decorate foam trees and paper mache letters. I added some faux mercury glass for a little shine, and it was done!

I have to be honest, kitten aside, I don’t know how long this will last. I mean, I wear those boots a lot, and I’m gonna want them before the holidays are over.

Fall Tablescape – Glitter Pumpkins!

14 Oct

I kept things simple for my fall/Halloween decorations this year, mostly because I have a million other things going on. Seriously, all of my counters are covered in craft projects in progress. Not one of them is seasonal. How simple did I keep it? Here’s my table:

And that’s all I did. I totally phoned it in this year. The only thing I even crafted was the pumpkins. And those are just Dollar Tree foam pumpkins that I painted off-white and glittered the stems.

But I wasn’t always such a holiday hack! Here are some projects from Halloweens and falls past (click on any of the thumbnails for full posts):

Decorating with Kohl’s

21 Aug

By now my love of Kohl’s is well documented, but did you know that in addition to great clothes, they’ve got beautiful things for your house? After living in my current apartment for seven months, I decided I should stop living like a college student and actually hang some things on the walls. So off to Kohl’s I went!

I found this canvas print that I liked, but since I’m not capable of leaving well enough alone, I decided to vamp it up a bit.

This is as close to a “before” as I have. I used aqua acrylic paint to go over the ocean part, and I mixed sand with white acrylic paint for the sand part. Then I added a bunch of fake greenery stuff.

I kind of hated it. Plus, look at how ridiculous it looked in the giant white space above my couch.

So that was coming down. If I had left it alone in the first place I could have hung it somewhere else. Now I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but that’s another issue. Back to Kohl’s I went!

Now this? This I love.

The shadow boxes on the top row are straight from Kohl’s, no altering or messing around by me. The shadow boxes on the bottom I’ve had for ages (no clue where they originally came from) and I just dry-brushed some white on the maple wood. I added the big shells, which are from Kohl’s.

Funny story about those big shells – they’re actually bathroom hooks. I was able to take apart the end ones really easily, but that white one in the middle gave me fits. If you’re in the market for a bathroom hook, I strongly recommend the Sonoma brand from Kohl’s, they’re virtually indestructible.

This is how the hook looked originally:

I tried just about everything to get that stupid metal hook off the plaster shell. In the end I used a hacksaw. Look ma, no fingers missing!

But the frustration was so worth it, because I absolutely love the way my wall turned out.

So the lesson here is that some things are better left alone, unless you can use a hacksaw.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kohl’s. All opinions and hacksaw operation are my own doing.