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Cinderella a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

23 Feb

You all know I love me some LC for Kohl’s, so when I heard that she was doing a Cinderella collection I flipped out and squealed a bit.

I mean really, check out this outfit…

Disney’s Cinderella, a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad glass slipper sweater, $64.00 (on sale for $47.99)
Disney’s Cinderella, a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad layered tulle skirt in Ballad Blue, $64.00 (on sale for $47.99)

I have the best mama in the whole world, because when both the glass slipper sweater and the blue tulle skirt were sold out in my size online and I couldn’t find them near me, she went out and found them for me at her Kohl’s. She also picked up a t-shirt and the castle tulle skirt for me. She is THE BEST.

I mean really, how perfect is this skirt? That’s right, that’s a watercolor Cinderella castle on that tulle skirt. Look for me to be wearing this everywhere.

Disney’s Cinderella, a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad layered tulle skirt in Cindyhood, $64.00 (on sale for $47.99)

And look at this dress!!

Disney’s Cinderella, a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad organza bow-back dress, $80.00 (on sale for $59.99)

You can find the whole collection online at or in stores. But don’t dilly dally, things are selling out fast!

About Last Night – 2/18/15

19 Feb

You guys, this week is killing me. I’m having oven issues, and I just don’t have the time to wrangle my apartment maintenance and get them to actually fix it. So I’m ordering pizza.

Fresh Off the Boat

Eddie promises some kids from school that he has a dirty movie so he tries to get one, but fails. When push comes to shove, he shows his friends a sexual harassment video from the restaurant and they don’t know the difference. The 90’s were a simpler time. Jessica is pretty much my favorite character on TV right now. She’s amazing, and her “don’t date rape” lesson was excellent – both effective and hilarious.

The Middle

Alright Sue, we’ve all been waiting on your answer to dumb boyfriend’s proposal! Okay, the scene where the Hecks find out about Sue’s proposal is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on this show. Darrin just makes me sad; he’s almost too stupid to make fun of because I’m genuinely concerned that there’s something wrong and he should probably be evaluated by a neurologist. And a VFW hall for a wedding? That’s sad. And Sue. Oh Sue. Just when I’m ready to give up all hope for you, you pull through. But I do really love the way Axl has evolved and is taking on more of a leadership role within the family.

The Mysteries of Laura

There’s some brass in the house investigating an “improper relationship”. Jake assumes it’s about him and Laura. I still think it’s ridiculous that Jake and Laura were allowed to work together in the first place. Who decided to assign Laura’s ex-husband to be her new boss? I feel like that’s the person who should be investigated. A Brazilian nanny was found murdered in Central Park but it turns out she’s also an escort because of course she is, that’s how television works. Max goes undercover at a party for escorts and it’s just as hilarious as you might expect. AND OMG WILL AND GRACE WILL BE REUNITED NEXT WEEK!!!

Modern Family

My soul mate sat next to Claire on a flight and said: “If I’m ever in the woods for three days, I’ve been dead for two.” I laughed out loud at least three times in the first five minutes, so yeah, this episode is a keeper. Oh and J/K about her being my soul mate, turns out she’s racist. But I’m still with her on the woods thing. And then other stuff and things happen and it’s all very funny and delightful. Especially Elizabeth Banks.

Are You Ready to See Cinderella’s Shoes?

18 Feb

Do you remember when I showed you the sketches of designer Cinderella shoes? Well now you can see the real thing! I lined up the sketch with the shoe, because I don’t know about you but I love seeing how sketches become reality. The Jimmy Choos and Stuart Weitzmans are still my favorites. Major swoon.

Alexandre Birman – $1,180

Charlotte Olympia

Jerome Rousseau – $795

Jimmy Choo – $4,595

Nicholas Kirkwood – $1,495

Paul Andrew – $2,000

Rene Caovilla – $1,600

Salvatore Ferragamo – $1,950

Stuart Weitzman – $3,500

And just because I love ya, here are a few bonuses of costumes sketches with their live action counterparts. I added the dolls in the same outfits, just for funsies.


Fairy Godmother

Wicked Stepmother

About Last Night – 2/16/15

17 Feb

Oh hey, holiday weekend! I did some TV watching. Okay, a LOT of TV watching.

Fresh Off the Boat

Jessica loves Stephen King, but Louis hates it because she gets scared and then in turn scares him. She finally makes a friend, Honey, their next door neighbor’s second wife. Honey is nice, she likes Stephen King, and thinks Jessica’s food is delicious. But Louis says she can’t be friends with Honey because the other neighborhood women hate her for breaking up the first marriage. Louis doesn’t want the women to boycott the restaurant, so Jessica has to stop being friends with Honey. Listen, Orlando is a big place, and Honey is nice. I think Jessica should stay friends with her, forget the neighborhood bitches, and advertise in a different part of town. Next up, we’ve got some good old fashioned sibling rivalry when Jessica’s sister comes to visit. The restaurant staff annoys me – especially the manager. He’s really dumb, and not funny dumb, but I want to smack you dumb.

Ground Floor

Jenny says no to Brody’s proposal, only he didn’t actually propose, so that leads to a very awkward moment. Brody is upset that Jenny is still so vehemently opposed to marriage. After a heart-to-heart with Mansfield Jenny realizes she’s afraid of marriage, but it’s worth doing. So she proposes to Brody! Lindsay and Harvard somehow blow through all of their winnings and charge $50,000 to the room. So Lindsay counts cards to make up their deficit. When Harvard can’t be her rock, she leaves him realizing that their relationship is no good for her. And Threepeat marries Brody’s ex! Ahhhh!!!! I already can’t wait for this show to come back.

Cougar Town

Ellie is sick of having unemployed Andy around the house 24/7 so she decides to use Bobby’s boat as her sanctuary, but it turns out Grayson had the same idea, so clearly they have a battle to the death for boat rights. As it turns out, Tom is quite the hospital stud, and Laurie and Travis encourage him to exploit that to get some lady action. But he turns into an ass. I think we all saw that coming. Meanwhile, Jules helps Andy get ready for job interviews.

The Middle

Axl’s girlfriend says she wants him to ignore Valentine’s Day, and he’s not sure if she should listen to her our not. Brick needs advice on kissing, because his girlfriend tells him that she expects to be kissed on Valentine’s Day. Sue has something going on that I can’t really make myself care about until OMG HER DUMB BOYFRIEND PROPOSES!

Modern Family

Gloria’s sister is in town and Jay feels bad for her, so he gives her Stella’s gift – a necklace. Then Jay thinks that she thinks Jay has a thing for her, but Gloria doesn’t believe him, so they’ve got that going on. Phil and Claire have their role play thing happening, and Claire gets upset when she thinks that Phil is only into her alter-ego. Mitch and Cam are doing a slapstick thing with a wedding gift at their friend’s house. It’s funny, but just watch it because I don’t have time to explain the whole thing.


Cristie gets promoted to manager at the restaurant, and Bonnie is backed up fixing things at the apartment building, so they’re both in over their heads at work. But don’t worry, it’s a sitcom, everything’s going to be fine.

The Mysteries of Laura

My first episode is about a private school kid who gets murdered. I hate these episodes because the administrators and parents are always such douches and I just hate them all. At any rate, something about grades and sports and college admissions. In the next episode, we’ve got a dead drag queen slash boxer, and the door guy from a few episodes back is here again. I love him. Also, Melinda Warner from SVU is playing a boxing manager who suggests Billy and Meredith get together and I love her. So all in all, excellent episode.

The Simpsons

Homer watches the bar for Moe and bankrupts him, because why would anyone let Homer watch their business? Marge starts driving for Uber-but-we-can’t-say-Uber-so-it’s-called-something-else.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Captain is in a bad mood and taking it out on the squad, so Jake and Gina team up with Mr. Captain (I forget husband’s name) to figure out what’s gotten under his skin.

Family Guy

Peter and the guys set up a new business helping kids solve crimes, but it turns out the thief was Chris and he was using the stuff to make a fake girlfriend. Lois tells Peter to talk to Chris about what a healthy relationship looks like and make him get rid of the doll. I’m sorry, is Lois new here? Predictably, Peter makes it worse and convinces Chris to have sex with his fake girlfriend, who is now actually just a sex doll. Then Lois gets jealous because Chris treats the doll better than Peter treats her, so she steals the doll, stabs it a bunch of times, and buries it in the woods. Normal.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob buys a $300 knife, and the kids are determined to make Jimmy Jr President because Millie, the most annoying kid in school, is running against him. Louise manages to take Jimmy’s 95 point lead and turn it into a 30 point loss. Then it turns out that everyone is completely insane. And what grades are this school? Louise is in 4th grade, and she’s in the same school as Tina, who is what? High school? 8th grade? Oh, and Bob destroys his knife. Just in case you’re the one person who didn’t see that coming.


Quote of the episode: “Everybody hates it when a penis pops out of nowhere.” A cross-dressing blogger has been murdered, so it’s a good thing Mr. Sensitivity is on the case.


I caught up on a few episodes, but this show has really lost its shine for me. I just can’t with Rollins anymore. She’s a good enough detective – when she shows up and doesn’t let her myriad personal issues interfere – but pull yourself together, woman! Between her and Amaro I feel like for the last few seasons the detectives have been bigger trainwrecks than the suspects.

Happy President’s Day!

16 Feb

Woo hoo for days off! Here’s how I’m celebrating this most glorious of days…


This is my current backlog of Martha Stewart Living and The Hollywood Reporter. I’ll be catching up on these today.


I mean, duh. I think it goes without saying that I’ll be spending quite a bit of time rubbing this fluffy belly.


My favorite yoga pants. Seriously, these are the best. I have four pairs.

So, how will you be spending President’s Day?