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Brunch is the Best

9 Mar

I hosted the first Brunch of Extraordinary Women yesterday and it was great!

I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work, and the time change didn’t help. I got so busy and caught up in all of the great conversation that I almost forgot to take any pictures! But I did manage to snap a few. Here’s a table. It’s riveting stuff.

And here are some of my beautiful guests… (Danielle, Cristina, Cynthia)

And more of my beautiful guests… (Jessica, Angela, AJ, Selin)

Fun fact, Teddy was NOT into sitting pretty for his picture.

I also got to use my fun new kitchen torch to make broiled grapefruit. It was excellent. There’s video somewhere.

We all watched in awe as @anne_hogan made fire. #brunch #grapefruit

A photo posted by AJ (@ajfeuerman) on

When it was all said and done, it was a terrific afternoon, but Teddy and I were both tired! Bear immeditately retired for a nap.

While I put my hair up and did a load of dishes. (O hai roots. I’ll deal with you soon. Promise.)

Oh! And I wore my fabulous Cinderella Castle skit from Kohl’s. I wish it photographed better, because it really is beautiful in person.

About Last Night – 3/8/15

9 Mar

Happy Sunday! How did everyone fare with the time change?

Bob’s Burgers

Bob bought a helicopter online and he wants a refund when it crashes immediately. Gene wants to be more of a take charge kind of guy, so he goes with Bob to demand a refund. Meanwhile, Tina has to do a book report but she hasn’t read the book, so Linda teaches her to improvise.

The Simpsons

The chief steals a jet pack and gets shot down by the military. When the jet pack loses control it crashes into the church and sets it on fire. Their insurance doesn’t cover the damage, so they need to find a way to raise money to rebuild the church. Apu volunteers to help them get the money by counting cards at a casino. They win enough money, but the casino guys kidnap Homer because they want their money back.

And then I was too tired to make it through the rest of FOX Sunday. I’ll try again later this week.

Weekly Round Up – 3/7/15

7 Mar

This is gonna be quick because I’m very busy binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.


Have you downloaded Meerkat yet? I’m having so much fun watching everyone’s livestreams, even though I haven’t really done one of my own yet. I’ll get around to it, I swear.

Hardware Tree

I needed some new corners for my coffee table trunk and I was able to find exactly what I needed at Hardware Tree after looking everywhere. I ordered three of them because I’m stupid and don’t understand how rectangles work. So then a week or so later I ordered another one. The next morning I got an email from their manager saying that he noticed I had ordered three of the same pieces earlier. He wanted to see if I had forgotten one and make sure that nothing had been damaged, then he went ahead and discounted my shipping. This is the kind of customer service that makes me love small businesses.

Celebrities Shut it Down

Everyone knows my love for BuzzFeed is deep and true, but this roundup of 31 Times Celebrities Gave the Best Damn Responses to Sexist Questions is a must read. Seriously. My favorite is the queen LC’s response when someone asked her about her favorite position. Her answer? CEO.

About Last Night – 3/4/15

5 Mar

I know I’ve been slacking on these lately, but here’s what I watched last night.


I decided to play some catchup because I’m five episodes behind. Let’s see what these totally realistic and not at all terrible people have been up to. Oh look, same old same old. Rayna continues to be the most selfish person on the planet, and Teddy is the worst mayor ever. Listen, I can’t even make it through one episode. I fast forwarded and skimmed. These people are all just the worst. Juliette’s drama is usually what makes this show watchable, but she’s basically on maternity leave. I want her to come back and mix things up and cause some drama and hilarious quips. The characters have all gotten really isolated, they only interact with two or three people. It’s like a million separate shows now instead of one ensemble cast.

The Middle

Frankie has a crush on Axl’s friend and I can’t blame her because he is smokin’ hot. Mike helps Frankie’s dad prepare to retake his driver’s test, and that pretty much makes Mike a saint. Meanwhile, Sue has to take Brick to a convention for the made up science fiction series in the show. And then there was a really sweet moment with Sue and Brick that almost made me cry because I left for college when my baby brother was still really young and he’s coming to visit me next week and I cannot wait!!

Then I was going to watch Modern Family, but my DVR screwed up and didn’t record it and I was tired anyway so I went to bed early. #Winning

Retro Recipes – Small Game

2 Mar

Having recently come into possession of several old cookbooks, I though it would be selfish to keep all of these treasures to myself. So I’m sharing some of them with you, and I hope they’ll inspire your next dinner party.

Let’s start with this treasure trove, published by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in 1985.

And we’ll skip straight to the good stuff, small game.

We’ll skip over the seven different recipes for squirrel and jump right in to Brunswick Stew. Bonus! As the helpful note indicates, you can make this versatile recipe with rabbit, squirrel, racoon, or venison. You know, whatever’s already defrosted in the fridge.

Squirrel and racoon not doing it for ya? How about a Louisiana Rabbit Stew? This recipe actually calls for a 1/4 tsp of MSG. Yes, really.

If you want something more exotic, you could rustle up some Baked Rice and Nutria (Sub-Adult). Listen, I don’t know what a Nutria is or how you determine if it’s a sub-adult, but I can say with confidence that I have no desire to ever eat one.

Are you sick of boring old meatloaf? Mix things up with a Muskrat Meatloaf! The kids will love it!

You know a recipe is good when it not only contains opossum, but begins by telling you to “skin opossum, remove glands and entrails.” Yum, now that’s appetizing.

Feeling fancy and French? How about Fricasseed Raccoon?

How about something more exotic? I guess they couldn’t decide if turtle went with “fish and seafood” or “small game”. Seems like a toss up to me, so it ended up in the small game section.

So how’s that for some tasty treats? I feel like Louisiana in 1985 was a great place to be on a diet.