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Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K 2015

9 Nov

This was going to be another one of my traditional post race selfies on Instagram, but I had too much to say about this race for an Instagram caption, so it’s a blog instead.

Exactly 364 days after I did my first 5K, the 2014 edition of this race, I did it again. This time instead of being my first race, it was my fifth. Instead of just wanting to finish and not be last, I had a time goal.

I wanted to beat my personal record, which was set at this race last year. It was 42:00, which people insisted was good for my first race. Since then I’ve done races in the rain, over hills, and other less than prime record setting locations. But this one is different, this is a straight, flat course. It was made for records.

All I wanted to do was beat 42:00, but my secret goal was 40:59.

My time?


That’s almost three full minutes better than my previous best time!!!

And when I ran into my friend at the end of the race, she said I looked much better than I did after last year’s race, when I was panting and near death. This year I was smiling and upright!

I know it’s still not amazing or great, but it verifies that I’m in much better shape than I was at this time last year. Even though I still won’t “train” or “practice” between races. Because I refuse to run if no one is going to give me a medal.

Adult Supervision Required

4 Nov

I’ve owned my condo for two months now, and haven’t burned it down yet, which will seem like a miracle by the time I’m done telling you about my kitchen exploits this week.

You see, I’m doing a second round of 21 Day Fix (more on that later) and I decided that this time I would plan all of my meals in advance to avoid being starving and eating whatever was in sight. I was going to prepare. I had a color coded spreadsheet, and did my big shopping haul on Saturday.

Sunday I was ready. I was feeling like a domestic goddess – there were vegetables roasting in the oven, rice cooking on the back burner, and ground turkey cooking on the front burner. I washed zucchini and was preparing to make zoodles for the first time, using my brand new mandolin slicer.

I got halfway through the first zucchini when it happened. I sliced my finger. Right open. Blood everywhere. I’ll spare you the details, but I went from domestic goddess to crying child in about half a second. I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding, nor could I force myself to examine it too closely, so I did what any reasonable woman would do. I called my mother.

After a lecture about using the safety guard on my mandolin, she told me to call my aunt, who is a nurse and generally much better about these things. So I called my aunt, who assured me that I didn’t need stitches and told me how to clean and bandage the injured finger.

Even after that trauma, I still finished preparing all of my lunches for the week. I was going to work on my dinners, but I had forgotten to thaw the chicken, so there goes that.

Now let’s flash to last night, when I was back in the kitchen. This time I was stirring something in a hot pan, and I reached out to steady the pan. With my bare hand. Because I am a college educated adult.

So the house is still standing, and I’ve been fed well (and healthily!) all week. Miracles do happen. But I think I’ll stick to salads for the rest of the week.

Family Time at Aquarium of the Pacific

3 Nov

A few weeks ago I met the family at Aquarium of the Pacific for the afternoon. At three, my nephew is already giving me a run for my money as an aquarium expert, and I couldn’t be more proud.

I love when they do the animal meet and greet sessions. I’ve met penguins before, but on this particular afternoon I got to meet this very attention hungry bird. Seriously, he spread his wings and screamed any time attention shifted away from him. He’s my kind of bird.

This is a lizard who did not have time for us. He couldn’t have cared less about the attention and clearly had better things to do with his time than pose for us.

After the meet and greet we had to hustle over to see the diver’s in the Blue Cavern. Evidently this is a really big deal, yet the nephew was less than impressed when I told him that I can dive too. I guess it’s only cool when you do it at the aquarium and talk to kids.

Then it was time for the best part, the touch tanks! This friendly ray popped up to say hello, and my nephew declared him slimy. I couldn’t get him to touch a shark, but there’s time to work up to that.

My favorite moment was when we were in line to pet the jellies an my nephew told me all about the two finger touch. He said I have to be gentle when I touch them, and they feel funny but I shouldn’t be scared. I love this kid so much my heart might explode right out of my chest.

Of course, his favorite moment was when we went to PF Chang’s and he got to break open a fortune cookie. There’s just no explaining kids.

But really, I just can’t tell you how great it was to see him light up with excitement over something that I love so much. It was amazing.

#NaBloPoMo Or, I Have Lost My Mind

2 Nov

Today I was casually scrolling through Facebook and saw my friend Kerri’s post about #NaBloPoMo. For those of you who aren’t up on your crazy blog hashtag acronyms, it’s a lot like NaNoWriMo. That’s the one where you write a novel in 30 days by committing to write every day. Only in #NaBloPoMo you commit to posting every week.

As you may remember, I just finished Write 31 Days, where I posted every day in October. So yes, I have officially lost my mind. But this time I’ll only be posting once a day instead do doing my crazy October thing where I did my Write 31 Days posts and still did other posts too.

So yeah, let’s see how this goes? I’m already a day behind, so I’d say it’s off to a rockin’ start.

That’s a Wrap and More to Come

31 Oct

This is the last post in my 31 Days series, and writing it is pretty bittersweet! Instead of sharing a final project, I want to share a few projects I didn’t get to.

Because believe it or not, this month barely scratched the surface of things I have to do around here! The two big projects I want to tackle soon are the laundry room doors and the fireplace.

I want to replace the existing accordion doors with white ones, and build out a mantle and shelving/cabinets over the fireplace.

And you may or may not have noticed that most of my photos are pretty tight shots. Because most of my house is not decorated yet. And I still have those folding chairs in the living room and the mess in the dining room. So my new condo remains a work in progress.

I’m so glad I challenged myself to do this series because it really forced me to get things started around here. A few of my posts were late, but I did it. I wrote 31 posts this month. Actually, I wrote more than that, because I (tried) to keep up my usual publishing schedule in addition to 31 Days. While I’m glad I did this, it will be nice to get to back to fewer posts that are longer. Some of these short ones felt like a cop-out.

So who knows, maybe next year I’ll do this again!

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