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About Last Night – 9/24

25 Sep

Here’s what I was watching last night, Wednesday 9/24.

The Middle

This episode had more heart and less slapstick than most, but it was still enjoyable. I like this show, it’s a good, solid, reliable sitcom.

The Mysteries of Laura

It’s kind of weird that the first case mirrors Laura’s own life so much, but I guess it’s an interesting way of unveiling more of her back story. But I really do like Laura, I think she’s a very relatable character. At least, I can relate to her, I don’t care about the rest of you. ;) This new series is a keeper.

Law & Order: SVU

Dun dun, we’re back! And back in a big way, baby! I have mixed feelings about the more serialized and personal approach the show has taken in the past few seasons, but I loved this episode. If they keep this up it will be the best season since Stabler left. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that it had a very satisfying ending. Go watch. Like, now.


First things first, I’m very glad that Hayden Panettiere won’t have to suffer through another bad wig. Heroes, last season of Nashville, let the woman cut her hair! The live performances were surprisingly seamless, though I did get a weird cut to blue screen at one point. And I guess I have to address her pregnancy, because Lord knows that’s the only thing anyone else is talking about. Other shows should take note – no giant bags or weirdly carrying around pillows – just smart camera angles and wardrobe choices. The show itself was good, if predictable, but it’s always a fun ride.

What I Missed

I bit off more than I could chew with my Wednesday night schedule, and I do still have to get up and go to work on Thursday, so here’s what’s still on my DVR:

Master Chef
Modern Family

Look for views on those tomorrow-ish.

Apartment Fixtures: Drab to Fab

24 Sep

There are a million things to do with a new apartment, and the most important is to find the easy, inexpensive things that will take your new home from drab to fab, without losing your security deposit. My first solution? Replacing the existing cabinet and door knobs.

My kitchen cabinets actually don’t have knobs, but I have two amazing built in cabinets with knobs, plus the closet doors and bathroom vanity. I mean really, how amazing is this storage? There are two of these!

But the knobs? White plastic blech.

Time for an upgrade! I found these gorgeous Venetian bronze cabinet knobs on sale at Home Depot for a steal at $2.50 a piece.

I am so obsessed with these, and I really love the difference they make.

Next up, door knobs. My apartment came with polished brass tulip knobs – pretty standard builder’s grade, but worlds away from what I would have picked.

But the real kicker? Check out the bathroom knobs. MISMATCH. Yeah, I cannot live like this.

And so, another upgrade! This time with round Venetian bronze knobs for $10 per door at Lowe’s.

I spent about $60 (three doors, twelve cabinets) and the whole project took maybe an hour and a half. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can do this. It’s such a simple upgrade that makes a huge impact. You don’t have to live with builder’s grade knobs! Just remember to keep the original hardware (I use Ziploc bags for each set) so you can replace it when you move out.

About Last Night – 9/23

24 Sep

Not too much on deck last night – just The Voice. We’re still in blind auditions, and this is really where you get the best banter from the judges. I think I was so underwhelmed last night because after The Big Bang Theory and Scorpion it’s hard to get too excited. But it is still entertaining, and I’m liking Gwen more than I thought I would. I mean, I’ve always liked her, so I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t, but it’s tough for anyone to compete with Xtina in my heart. Unless we’re talking about Britney. Or Madonna. Or Miley. Yeah, I like pop music.

New Series – About Last Night

23 Sep

I decided to try a little something new here. My love for all things television is well documented, and I wanted to find a way to bring some of that into my blog. And so “About Last Night” was born. Stay tuned for a catchy banner that I haven’t gotten around to making yet. The gist is simple, every morning I’ll post short, spoiler free summaries of the shows I watched the previous night. It’s my way of sharing the things I love and helping you prioritize your DVR (or just clean it out).

So away we go!

About Last Night – 9/22

The Big Bang Theory

TWO new episodes, back to back! Woo hoo!! I love the way they handled Sheldon’s trip and Penny’s haircut. I swear, this show shows no diminishing returns season after season. The whole hour was classic Big Bang fun, and I loved every minute.


This show is dark. And I mean that literally. Why are there no lights on in the police station? Don’t they have to be able to see to do paperwork and stuff? None of these cops seem to care at all, police brutality is okay, and everyone is corrupt. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay with this one – it’s a little too gritty for my tastes.


I love this show. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s great. Funny, suspenseful, and it’s got heart. I love the characters and I think it’s one of the most unique ensembles I’ve seen in a long time. It kind of reminds me of Heroes, in the best way possible. This one is a keeper.

The Voice

Gotta be honest, I fast forwarded through most of this. I still enjoy the show and the coaches’ banter, but after so many seasons the schtick is getting a little old. Besides, without Xtina it dropped from “can’t miss” to “entertaining when nothing else is on”.

Yes, I Moved. Yes, Again.

22 Sep

I know, I know, at this point me moving is about as newsworthy as Teddy begging for belly rubs. It happens a lot. But I really am hoping this is last move for a long while. Fun fact: I’ve had Teddy for three and a half years, and this is our fifth apartment. Bear is very adaptable.

So yes, I’ve moved again. I’m up in Burbank now, and I’m very pleased to report that Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are actually pretty quiet neighbors.

I’m really loving Burbank. The downtown area is great for walking around with Teddy, it’s very Bear-friendly and the shops are all just too adorable. I’m closer to friends, and I love the community feeling of my neighborhood.

So yes, Burbank. Let’s make this one stick, eh?