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About Last Night – 11/18/14

19 Nov

I played some catch up last night.

The Mysteries of Laura

I watched two backlogged episodes and I continue to be impressed by the writing on this show. It’s really impressive how they weave these stories that are complex enough to keep you guessing, but simple enough that you can enjoy them while playing Solitaire. But I still don’t like Jake.

Law & Order: SVU

I hate to say it, but I think this show has finally run its course. The writers have clearly run out of new and depraved ideas, because this entire season has been ripped from the headlines in one way or another. I mean, “Glasgow Man”? Seriously? SVU, I love you, but I’d rather remember you as you were.

Oh Hey Holiday Season

18 Nov

So, the holidays are upon us. And that means lots of decorating, cooking, planning, working, executing, helping, socializing, and the like.

Or, if you’re me, it means wandering around Vons at 8pm on Saturday muttering to yourself about sweet potato casserole.

I still have no idea what my plans are for Thanksgiving.

I got my big tree up, but have no clue what I’m doing for the rest of my Christmas decorating.

I have yet to finish Christmas shopping.

Holiday crafting? LOLOLOLOL

And to top it all off, the grocery store didn’t have the Land O’Lakes hot cocoa I like.

But I have been drinking a lot of seasonal coffee beverages and watching holiday themed sitcom reruns. So, you know, I’m not totally behind.

And my tree is stunning, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Oh! I also bought the ingredients to make stuffing to bring to the office potluck on Friday. So I guess Thursday night I’ll be up until all hours making stuffing. I’m a little nervous, because while I’ve made my grandmother’s recipe for the past few years, I’ve always known that my mother is just a phone call away for questions. I get the feeling she won’t want to answer my dumb cooking questions at 3am her time, so I’m on my own this year.

As far as the rest of it? I just don’t wanna. Guys, the struggle is real.

I mostly want to spend the next six weeks in a bubble bath with my Kindle. Can we arrange that? It doesn’t help my motivation that for the past 24 hours I’ve a headache that’s so bad it’s causing random spasms and twitches in my facial muscles. That’s a great, not crazy, look for the office.

So yeah, I have plenty of holiday spirit, but right now I mostly want to use it to take holiday naps. I want to do more to prepare and immerse myself in holiday joy, but I’m tired. And cranky. Not sure yet which one is winning. I’ll keep you all updated.

About Last Night – 11/17/14

18 Nov

Here’s what I watched last night…

The Simpsons

I gotta admit, I wasn’t really paying attention. I made a hella good PB&J and was pretty wrapped up in that. As best I can tell, there was a new teacher and Bart had to humiliate him at a Burning Man knockoff.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Okay, normally Jake’s antics are cute, but in this episode they just annoyed me. Okay, I spoke too soon, he turned it around at the end and I still love him.

Family Guy

Has Peter always been this destructively stupid?

Bob’s Burgers

So basically I just moved Sunday night to Monday night. I’m okay with that. I liked the storyline with Linda and the kids much more than the one with Bob.

About Last Night – 11/16/14

17 Nov

Ahhh… Sunday. I made soup, decorated for Christmas, did some cleaning, and of course, watched some TV. I was going to watch more, but then decided to take a bubble bath instead.

The Biggest Loser

We mixed up the teams. Some people were sad. Bam, I just saved you an hour of your life.

The McCarthys

I could not possibly love this show more. Seriously, if you’re not watching, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

Last Man Standing

Ed drops a bombshell that could lead to some very funny episodes. Let’s hope, because it feels like this show is floundering to find its feet this season.


Wow, I really hate Felix. Like, I kind of hope he gets brutally murdered. I know it’s not that kind of show, so I would be okay with it happening off-screen, but I still want it to happen.

About Last Night – 11/15/14

16 Nov

Oh, like your Saturday night was so exciting.

The Simpsons

This was the Futurama crossover episode, and I liked it, because I like both of those shows, but it felt like it was too soon after the Family Guy episode. I mean, is this all we do now?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Oh hey, it’s Eva Longoria! You know, I really like Gina and Boyle together – either as a couple or just friends. Their banter amuses me. And make sure you watch the end, it’s tres funny.

Modern Family

I really liked getting to see a more vulnerable side of Gloria – she and Jay made me feel all squishy and happy. And I am LOVING Haley this season. Can she get a spin off? I would watch that.

The Big Bang Theory

I’m glad Sheldon loves Leonard so much, because I think we all know Penny doesn’t. I liked seeing Sheldon care – in his own special way – and the part at the end with both of them was golden.


I love Mimi Kennedy, she really stole this episode for me, and I’m glad she’s playing a bigger role this season. There’s so much great talent on this show.