Hi there!  My name is Anne, and I know you are just dying to learn more about me.

All About Anne

I’m a Southerner making my home in Los Angeles. Burbank, to be exact, but you don’t need to be exact unless you’re stopping by. And if you are, could you bring Diet Coke?

I have a rescued seven year old Pomeranian named Teddy who thinks he may be a cat and doesn’t understand why I won’t let him chase raccoons. He’s really the popular one, I’m just his chauffeur.

I work in marketing, own a ton of fancy kitchen gadgets I never use, and favor the ridiculous. Also sequins and glitter.

My blog is a lot like my life, meaning I refuse to stick to one niche and I write about whatever catches my fancy. From crafts and DIY projects to fitness follies to TV and awards show fashion, you’ll find it all here.

Don’t Y’all Be Strangers!

I’m easy to find – here’s how.

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