DIY Treadmill Desk

4 May

I’ve been wanting a treadmill desk for a while now, but have you seen the price on those suckers? I wasn’t ready to shell out $2,000. So I made my own!

I had a few requirements for this project:

1) It had to be cheap. Duh.
2) It had to easily disassemble and fold up to be stored/stashed out of sight when I entertain.
3) It couldn’t be a major eyesore.
4) It had to leave the original treadmill intact.

And this one met all of those requirements for under $150! If you want to make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

Treadmill – $109.95
Card Table – $25.89
1.5 Yards of Fabric – $7.33
PVC Piping – $5.50
Total Cost – $148.67 (plus tax)

Assembly is pretty straightforward.

1) Put together the treadmill
2) Cut down your PVC
3) Add PVC “legs” to your card table
4) Place it over the handlebars

And that’s it!

The fabric is purely decorative, and it serves to cover the leg joints that aren’t so pretty. See?

The PVC that I used is gray. Who knew PVC came in gray? Turns out it’s for electrical nonsense, but I used it so it would match my decor. Is it the perfect color? Well, I wish it was a little lighter. Is the color compromise worth avoiding the hassle of priming and spray painting white PVC? A million times yes. If you want a different color, you could definitely go with the white piping and spray paint it.

I cut the piping down myself because I went to Lowe’s at 11am on a Saturday, when the entire rest of the planet was there as well. Since it was so crowded and the sales people were rushing around like crazy I felt bad asking them to cut it for me. But even if you have it cut down at the store, it’s worth having a hacksaw at home to make any trims. I initially cut each pipe to 48″ but once I added them to the table it ended up being too tall, so I trimmed them down to 43″. There’s still plenty of clearance on the handlebars and it’s the perfect height for me! That’s another bonus to making your own desk – you can build it to the perfect height just for you!

You may have noticed some bright orange at the back of the treadmill. I can explain. You see, this treadmill had an incline that was a bit too much for me. I mean, the idea of a treadmill desk is to be walking while working, and I kept tripping. So I added two furniture movers to each of the back legs to raise the platform and lessen the incline. They’re not really pretty, but they’re behind me when I’m walking so I don’t really care. (Oh hey, would have been nice if I cleaned off the dog hair before photographing this. Let’s chalk this up to “blogging my truth” or some such nonsense, mkay?)

And so there it is – a treadmill desk that disassembles in a snap, keeps the treadmill intact, matches the living room, and came in at under $150! Not too shabby for one Saturday worth of work. Even Teddy approves, and you know how critical he can be.

One note, while this is easily a one woman job, it would have been helpful to have another pair of (human) hands around when I was trying to place the table over the treadmill. The legs kept slipping off and it took a few tries to get everything on right.

Have you built a treadmill desk? Do you want to? Hit me with any questions you have – I’m happy to help!

Weekly Round Up – 5/1/15

1 May

It’s too late to use a JT “It’s gonna be May” meme, right? Because it’s already May? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Okay, here’s some other stuff I thought was cool this week.

Order in a World of Chaos

You have GOT to follow wrightkitchen on Instagram. Seriously, these photos are amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. Brittany is a fantastic food photographer who takes great photos of food arranged in color gradients and by size. It’s all so lovely and soothing.

Leisurely Hustle

I love love love this blog post from Tonya Leigh! She shares fourteen tips for how a lady of leisure hustles. There are so many great tips here for getting work done, being efficient, and carving out time for the things that really matter.

Don’t Get Me Hungry

I finally figured out the trick for successful dieting – for me, anyway. I can’t get hungry. You see, when I’m not hungry I make great choices. Dinner? How about some roasted vegetables and a sensible portion of rice? But when I’m hungry, it’s a different story. When I’m hungry I’m all, oh hey I’ll just eat this chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich while I figure out what to fix. And that’s where things start to unravel. The other problem is that I’m really bad about remembering to eat until I get hungry. I need to work on this. Also on having healthy snacks on hand. Because as it turns out, chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches aren’t necessarily “healthy”.

Do You Want $500?

Of course you do. You’re probably like, jeez Anne, stop asking me stupid questions. Well, my dear friend Chris has a giveaway running where YOU could win a $500 Amazon gift card. As far as I’m concerned, Amazon gift cards are the same as cash. So go over and check out the Sprint Cut Your Bill Event and enter for your chance to win! (Teddy photo is unrelated, but adorable.)

D’Orsay Flats

These D’Orsay flats from Target are my new go to shoes. They took a few days to break in (hello blisters) but it was so worth it. They’re cute and comfy. Dressy enough for work, comfortable enough for me to walk around all day without hating life. And naturally they’re on sale now, after I bought them for full price. Whatever. Maybe I’ll get another color.

You Can Help Nepal

27 Apr

The damage is still being assessed after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and death tolls continue to rise. This region is in desperate need of help right now, but they will need continued help in the weeks and months to come. In times of disaster, we often see the best of humanity as the entire world comes together to offer aid. Unfortunately, we can also see the worst as opportunists seize on the good nature of others to scam money. So I’ve gathered a list of reputable organizations that you can support to help Nepal. Before donating to any group, you should check them out on Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

American Jewish World Service

AJWS Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund will ensure that thousands of people affected by this earthquake receive the support they desperately need. AJWS has been involved in disaster response in the developing world for many years.


An emergency response team from the AmeriCares India office in Mumbai is headed to the impact zone and relief workers are preparing shipments of medical aid and relief supplies for survivors. You can support their efforts in Nepal.

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is responding with emergency relief materials such as tarpaulins/shelter kits and water, sanitation and hygiene materials.

Direct Relief

Since 2008, Direct Relief has delivered over $1,000,000 worth of medicines and supplies to its charitable healthcare provider partners in Nepal, and they are continuing that work with their earthquake relief efforts.


Oxfam aid workers are on the ground, preparing to launch a rapid response to ensure food and water reaches those in need. You can donate here.

Save the Children

Save the Children has worked in Nepal since 1976 and has extensive programs throughout the country. You can help support their aid workers on the ground.


In Nepal, nearly 1 million children require humanitarian assistance, and UNICEF is on the ground working to provide critical aid to children and families. You can make a donation towards Nepal earthquake relief.

Some Cute for the Weekend

25 Apr

Ten years ago this week, the first video was uploaded to YouTube. In the decade since, online video has radically changed the way we share content and view adorable animals. And so, in honor of this milestone I want to share my favorite cute videos from the past week. (These weren’t all posted this week, but I saw them this week, so it totally counts.)

Kitten or Nah?

Pig in a Bucket

Pomeranians in Cribs

This is one of my favorite videos of all time, but I can’t find it on YouTube, only Facebook. And I can’t make the Facebook video embed work. So here’s a link. Trust me, you want to see this.

Pomeranians in Cribs

Guinea Pig Haircut

Pet Reporters

(Make sure to watch all five of these!)

Retro Recipes – Ham and Bananas

13 Apr

Today’s retro recipes come to you from The Fruit Cookbook, by Jenny Stacey, published in 1995. I know that’s not super retro, but trust me, it’s just as weird as any gelatin concoction from the 50’s. Well, maybe not that weird. I mean, nothing is that weird.

You know how ham and pineapple is a thing? On Hawaiian pizza, Easter dinner, etc? Well evidently ham and banana is also a thing. Yeah, I’m not buying it either.

This is the cleverly named “Baked Ham & Bananas”. It starts off pretty normal, bake a ham, score the top, stud with cloves, cover with a brown sugar glaze. Okay, I’m with you so far. Then things get weird. Evidently you’re supposed to put whole bananas in a roasting pan with sugar, lime juice, and lime zest, then bake that. Then you serve the two together. No thanks.

This one is called a “Banana Monsieur” and if you don’t know the name, the picture looks deceptively appetizing. Maybe it’s a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich. I could get on board with that. But no such luck. It is in fact a fried sandwich with bananas, but instead of peanut butter it contains ham and cheese. No. So much no. Bananas do not belong on ham and cheese sandwiches.

So, in summary, stop trying to make ham and bananas happen, Jenny Stacey.