Aquarium of the Pacific

24 Apr

Last weekend I finally made it to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for so long and had never been!

I love the fishes, which everyone knows, and the aquarium has some great ones.

I swear, I could watch the jellyfish all day. They’re so beautiful.

I went to their sea lion show and was very impressed. (And you know, I can be critical of these things.) (I don’t have any pictures of the sea lions because I couldn’t get them to turn out.)

They did a great job of explaining why they train the sea lions – and it’s not for your entertainment. They train them for three reasons.

1) Mental stimulation

2) Physical exercise

3) Husbandry (training them to open their mouths, raise their flippers, etc helps when they need medical care and exams)

We got to feed lorikeets…

And pet sharks!!!!

They also have a great penguin exhibit. I love penguins because they’re very fancy fat little birds.

All in all, it was an excellent day, and I can’t wait to go back!

5 Movies

22 Apr

You know those movies that you could watch over and over and never get sick of? These are my top five. I quote them constantly, and I have to drop everything when they’re on TV. (Hi, could I use fewer words in this post? I mean really, listing my favorite movies is lazy enough. Geez. I’m the worst.) (Oh yeah, and those images are Amazon affiliate links.)

Mean Girls

La Lohan at her absolute finest. I love this movie so much, and I will never stop trying to make fetch happen.

Steel Magnolias

I played M’Lynn in our high school production of Steel Magnolias and once excitedly told Sally Field about this. She wasn’t as impressed as you might think.


Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color? This movie has the BEST one liners, and it stands up as an amazing holiday classic.


Before Mean Girls, there was Clueless. Part of me will always want to grow up to be just like Cher.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

I know, two Christmas movies. But how could I not include a movie that makes me bust a gut laughing year after year?

What are your top five movies? Are they the same as mine? Want to come over for a movie night? You bring the ice cream, I’ve got the popcorn.

50 Thoughts Every Woman Has Before Swimsuit Season

18 Apr

It’s coming. You know what I mean. Swimsuit season. Shorts season. That time of year when your pasty legs and insecurities are on display for the whole world to see, and you have to shave your legs more than once a month. Here are a few thoughts that every woman (or maybe just me) has when preparing for this most torturous time of year.

1. Okay, swimsuit season. We can do this.
2. Let’s just see how things look.
3. *puts on last year’s bikini*
4. *look in the full length mirror, front facing*
5. Alright, I can live with this.
6. Have my veins always been so noticeable?
7. Ugh, I really do need to shave my legs.
8. But this really isn’t so bad.
9. *turn to get the side/back view*
11. *quickly grab a blanket to wrap around yourself*
12. There are some really cute coverups out there.
13. *change back into your trusty yoga pants*
14. I just need a plan, I can tone things up in time!
15. *spend three hours on Pinterest*
16. *pin one workout routine that promises a “Rockin’ Beach Bod”*
17. *pin 400 other craft, home decor, and food ideas you know you’ll never get around to*
18. Now I need to tackle this gross pastiness.
19. I just need a base tan, then I’ll be okay to wear shorts and skirts.
20. And a pedicure.
21. *examine feet*
22. What am I, part horse? How did my heels get so rough?
23. Okay, I need to find a nail salon I’ve never been to before.
24. And don’t plan on ever going back to.
25. And then tip really well.
26. What am I supposed to do about my face?
27. I feel like I always look better with some color.
28. And my skin looks and feels better with a little tan.
29. But what about wrinkles?
30. I mean, my moisturizer has sunscreen in it.
31. And I always wear those giant sunglasses.
32. Oh look! My spa is having a special on Botox!
33. Problem solved.
34. Maybe I can speed up this “base tan” process with some of that tanning lotion.
35. A ha! I still have some from last year!
36. *apply tanning lotion to legs*
37. Soooo…. I guess orange is in this season?
38. Crap. It’s not coming off.
39. *loofa off the first 17 layers of skin*
40. I’m sure once that redness goes down it’ll be fine.
41. But now I’m back to ghostly white.
42. You’re not supposed to lay out and tan because of skin cancer.
43. *try on cute summer dress*
44. Okay, there is no way I can go out in public like this.
45. So do I just wear pants all summer?
46. No, that’s ridiculous.
47. Forget it, everybody’s gotta die of something.
48. SPF 4 should do it.
49. To the pool!
50. CRAP! I still have to shave my legs.

I Want To Follow YOU!

16 Apr

There are so many blog posts and articles about what not to do on Twitter. (Just say no to auto DM’s!) But I haven’t seen a ton of great resources to tell people what to do on Twitter to attract new followers. I’m not suggesting that my tips are the final word on how to run your Twitter account – you have to do what’s right for you. I’m just sharing some of the things that make me want to follow a Twitter account.

Header Photo

You got rid of the egg, and that’s great, but let’s take it one step further. Upload a header photo! As Twitter rolls out their new profile pages, the header photo will be even more prominent, and you want to make sure you’ve got something up there. This feature has been around for a long time now, so no more excuses.

Follower Ratio

This one is sticky, and I know a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules here. That said, if you have 200 followers and you’re following 1,000 accounts, I’m probably not going to follow you. A ratio like that signals to me that you’re either not very active on Twitter, you’re only tweeting links to your own content, or you’re not engaging. It’s nothing personal, but I’ll probably move on.


That leads nicely into my next point. My favorite tweeps are people I talk to. Shocking, I know. But if I look at your timeline and see nothing but links (especially to your own content) or no @ mentions, I probably won’t follow. I want to follow people I’ll engage with and will make Twitter fun for me. So talk to people! Trust me, it makes Twitter much more fun.

Personalize Links

If I look at your timeline and it’s nothing but a feed of auto-tweeted links, why would I want to follow you? Why wouldn’t I just follow whatever feed you’re tweeting? Twitter is a great place to share cool/interesting/newsworthy things you find online, but add your own commentary. Tell me why YOU thought that piece was worth sharing. If I want CNN’s headlines, I’ll follow CNN. I’m following you because I want to hear from YOU.

How about you? What are some things that make you want to follow someone on Twitter? Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling so inclined, you can follow me at @Anne_Hogan.

Knott’s Berry Bloom

14 Apr

Knott’s is a client, yo.

This past Saturday I went to Knott’s for the kick off of their Berry Bloom event for Spring. They have a lot of great activities for kids and families, but I was there for the Boysenberry Festival. That’s right. Boysenberry. Festival.

Ghost Town is all decked out with extra boysenberry goodness, and there are special treats and crafts around every corner. In the mood for BBQ? How about a boysenberry glazed turkey leg? Maybe a flank steak skewer with boysenberry BBQ sauce? Or spicy boysenberry chicken wings?

Have more of a sweet tooth? No problemo. There are boysenberry stuffed churros, boysenberry funnel cakes, and even fried boysenberry ice cream. That’s the boysenberry fried ice cream below, and it was AH-MAZING. Well worth the trip. And now I’m getting cranky writing about it because I want more and I don’t have this deliciousness at home.

Not into boysenberry? I don’t get that at all, but whatever, you freak. Either way, you can still get a balanced meal. And yes, I’m counting the below as a balanced meal. What you see are waffle tacos and waffles on a stick. There are grains (waffles), fruit (fresh berries inside the tacos), protein (crushed peanuts), and dairy (caramel sauce). Shut up, it totally counts.

Knott’s Berry Bloom runs from now until April 27, so get yoself over there and eat up while you can!

In closing, I want one of these cool boysenberry signs for my house.