I Want To Follow YOU!

16 Apr

There are so many blog posts and articles about what not to do on Twitter. (Just say no to auto DM’s!) But I haven’t seen a ton of great resources to tell people what to do on Twitter to attract new followers. I’m not suggesting that my tips are the final word on how to run your Twitter account – you have to do what’s right for you. I’m just sharing some of the things that make me want to follow a Twitter account.

Header Photo

You got rid of the egg, and that’s great, but let’s take it one step further. Upload a header photo! As Twitter rolls out their new profile pages, the header photo will be even more prominent, and you want to make sure you’ve got something up there. This feature has been around for a long time now, so no more excuses.

Follower Ratio

This one is sticky, and I know a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules here. That said, if you have 200 followers and you’re following 1,000 accounts, I’m probably not going to follow you. A ratio like that signals to me that you’re either not very active on Twitter, you’re only tweeting links to your own content, or you’re not engaging. It’s nothing personal, but I’ll probably move on.


That leads nicely into my next point. My favorite tweeps are people I talk to. Shocking, I know. But if I look at your timeline and see nothing but links (especially to your own content) or no @ mentions, I probably won’t follow. I want to follow people I’ll engage with and will make Twitter fun for me. So talk to people! Trust me, it makes Twitter much more fun.

Personalize Links

If I look at your timeline and it’s nothing but a feed of auto-tweeted links, why would I want to follow you? Why wouldn’t I just follow whatever feed you’re tweeting? Twitter is a great place to share cool/interesting/newsworthy things you find online, but add your own commentary. Tell me why YOU thought that piece was worth sharing. If I want CNN’s headlines, I’ll follow CNN. I’m following you because I want to hear from YOU.

How about you? What are some things that make you want to follow someone on Twitter? Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling so inclined, you can follow me at @Anne_Hogan.

Knott’s Berry Bloom

14 Apr

Knott’s is a client, yo.

This past Saturday I went to Knott’s for the kick off of their Berry Bloom event for Spring. They have a lot of great activities for kids and families, but I was there for the Boysenberry Festival. That’s right. Boysenberry. Festival.

Ghost Town is all decked out with extra boysenberry goodness, and there are special treats and crafts around every corner. In the mood for BBQ? How about a boysenberry glazed turkey leg? Maybe a flank steak skewer with boysenberry BBQ sauce? Or spicy boysenberry chicken wings?

Have more of a sweet tooth? No problemo. There are boysenberry stuffed churros, boysenberry funnel cakes, and even fried boysenberry ice cream. That’s the boysenberry fried ice cream below, and it was AH-MAZING. Well worth the trip. And now I’m getting cranky writing about it because I want more and I don’t have this deliciousness at home.

Not into boysenberry? I don’t get that at all, but whatever, you freak. Either way, you can still get a balanced meal. And yes, I’m counting the below as a balanced meal. What you see are waffle tacos and waffles on a stick. There are grains (waffles), fruit (fresh berries inside the tacos), protein (crushed peanuts), and dairy (caramel sauce). Shut up, it totally counts.

Knott’s Berry Bloom runs from now until April 27, so get yoself over there and eat up while you can!

In closing, I want one of these cool boysenberry signs for my house.

Friday Favs

11 Apr

Okay, so it’s been a rough week. My sweet Jenna kitty passed away over the weekend, and I’ve just been kind of out of sorts. So I want to share a few things that have cheered me up and kept me going this week. You’ll notice that people aren’t on this list. I’ve been an emotional mess, and I’m very grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life who have reached out to check on me and help. But I’m done being sappy. Let’s get back to the ridiculous, shall we?

Giant Pixy Stix

Not only are these delicious, but they let me pretend I’m a contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras, which is just plain fun. So yeah, giant pixy stix are definitely helping get me through this week.

Nashville Reruns

Hey Juliette, since there’s no new Nashville until April 30, am I going to rewatch the whole series?

She’s right, you know. I am totally going to watch the whole thing again. Because there are sequins and country music and backstabbing.


I’m in love with Spotify, because I have musical ADD. Can’t decide what you want to listen to? No worries, Spotify has everything. I’ve been in love with Spotify for a long time, but I’ve just recently started using Spotify radio more. It learns my preferences much better than Pandora, and I love finding new music this way.

Little Bear

This sweet little bear knows just what his mama needs. Snuggles. Lots and lots of snuggles. The Tedster has been even more attentive and cuddly than usual, and I love him for that. I tease him for having fluff for brains, but he’s got the biggest bear heart in the world.


Speaking of adorable animals, thank you, BuzzFeed. I know I can always get my fix of snuggly fluff from them, and take a few quizzes to find out where I should really live and what job I should really be doing.

Bill Maher at the Nokia Theater

9 Apr

This is a sponsored post.

I love stand up comedy, and Bill Maher always makes me laugh. Religulous is one of my favorite documentaries, and I’m always recommending it to people. But I hate when it comes up in conversation, because I’m never sure how to pronounce it, so I end up sounding like an idiot. Thanks, Bill.

At any rate, in addition to “Real Time” on HBO, Bill still does at least fifty stand up shows every year. (Do you like how I keep calling him Bill like we’re friends?) He’ll be in LA at the Nokia Theater on Friday, April 18 at 8:00pm and I have a chance for you to win tickets!

If you just can’t stand the suspense, you can buy tickets now.

And Bill, you know we’re cool, but I try to keep things clean around here, so I won’t be sharing any of your videos. I’d apologize, but I have a feeling you’re used to this kind of thing.

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Giveaway sponsored by AEG Live. As always, all opinions are mine.

Sleeping Beauty at Disney

2 Apr

I recently learned that adults are NOT allowed to wear princess costumes inside Disney parks, which, age discrimination, WHATEVER. So I decided to create a Sleeping Beauty inspired outfit suitable for a long day at the park.

Start with comfortable shoes, because hello walking. I love these gold Tory Burch flats, but you could do gold glitter TOMS, or any other gold flats. Heck, you could even go with gold sneakers. Comfort, people, it’s all about comfort.

Then, the dress. A dark pink maxi will be comfortable and airy – so you won’t get as hot as you would in pants. Plus, the longer length not only looks more like Aurora’s dress, but will protect your legs from sunburn and scorching hot or sticky benches. This one is lace, because it’s pretty, but in all honesty I would probably go with plain cotton.

The light pink scarf echoes the lighter pink accents in Aurora’s dress, plus it will keep you warm if you’re at the park after dark and it gets cool. You can also tie it in your hair or toss it over your shoulders to keep them from getting burned.

The sparkly headband is just for fun.

And finally, a small white crossbody bag. If you don’t absolutely have to lug a giant bag around the park, don’t. This small bag won’t hurt your shoulder, and the crossbody strap makes it easy to keep on you. Plus, carrying only what you absolutely need makes it easier to find things without riffling through a giant bottomless pit of a purse. (Come on, I know it’s not just me.)

So there you have it, my Sleeping Beauty inspired Disney outfit! This was fun – I may decide to do more princesses later.