Into The Woods

20 Dec

ITTWPosterI got to see an advance screening of Into The Woods on Friday night and I was so excited! It’s always hard to take something that’s so loved on the stage and bring it to the screen, and I thought they did a nice job. I adore the musical, and I really liked the movie too.

Chris Pine was amazing. “Agony” was probably the highlight of the film. He played the campy prince perfectly.

Anna Kendrick and Christine Baranski are great in everything, so that goes without saying. I also really enjoyed Emily Blunt. Who knew she could sing?

Oh yeah, and Johnny Depp as the wolf was perfect casting. Pretty sure he didn’t have to prepare at all. “Oh, you want me to play the world’s creepiest wolf? Done and done.”

And then there’s Meryl. You know, she’s not half bad. She should stick with this acting thing, I think she can really go places.

Jokes aside, I really wasn’t expecting to like her as the witch. I’m a Bernadette Peters die-hard, and how could anyone top her? But Meryl being Meryl, she was great. Her patter song was surprisingly good, even though I do prefer Bernadette’s “Last Midnight”.

Also, I must have her wig and dress. Not even for Halloween. Just for life. It’s a great look.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable movie, and a great ride, especially if you enjoy the show. If you’re not familiar with the show, these are not Disney fairy tales. These are Grimm’s fairy tales as told by Stephen Sondheim. So yeah. Possibly too dark for kids. But I don’t know how much of the dark stuff will go over their heads. Of course, if you’re coming to me for advice about what’s appropriate for kids, you may want to examine your choices. For adults, go see it.

Express Your Social Side

17 Dec

Not a sponsored post, but there are affiliate links. So whatever.

I bought these ah-mazing LED wall signs at Kohl’s on Black Friday and they caused a bit of a stir when I posted them on Instagram.

It’s not too late for you to bring these babies home for yourself or someone you love on Christmas! If you place your order before 11pm CST on December 19, you’ll get it by Christmas. AND you’ll get free shipping on any order of $50 or more.

These apothecary LED signs (I don’t know why they’re called that, they just are) are on sale for $24 each, which is a great deal. The regular price is $60 and I paid $20 on Black Friday. The hashtag and @ sign are both still available.

I am so in love with these. They take two AA batteries, so no unsightly wires to plug in, and you can set them on a timer so you don’t even have to worry about turning them off.

Seriously, these are amazing. They would be a great gift… assuming you can bear to part with them. Maybe order multiples.

Label Your Life

16 Dec

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and craftiness are my own.

Do you need a last minute gift? Have you considered a label maker? I know, I know, it sounds like a weird gift. But it could be perfect for the OCD Type A in your life. Of course, you’re talking to a woman who was once thrilled to receive a laminator for Christmas. But back to label makers. I recently had a chance to play with Brother’s PT-D200 and it did not disappoint.

There are four different fonts, tons of emojis, and more text and font treatments than you can imagine. Plus, there are tons of different tapes that you can use to create unique and personalized crafts. It’s an organizer’s dream. And this is not your grandfather’s label maker. My grandfather labeled everything (gee, I wonder where I get it?) and his label maker was this old school typewriter style thing. It embossed vinyl strips with one font of all caps letters. This is not that label maker. It’s like a tiny computer, and I haven’t even begun to tap all the different things it can do.

Of course you know that label makers are a dream come true for organization. But did you know they’re also great for crafting? I had so much fun with this baby!

First up, I made this adorable custom garland for my gingerbread tree. I used the berry colored tape with white ink to print different Christmas sayings mixed with cute little Christmas-y icons.

Gingerbread Dreams and Cookie Wishes! How stinking cute is that?!

*Infomercial Voice* But wait! That’s not all! I also made an Advent chain. You can use different colored tape and customize chains for each of your kids with fun treats and helpful tasks for them to do every day.

Just print the tasks and treats on different colored tapes, then tape them together in loops to form your chain.

There are so many things that you can do with Brother’s PT-D200. Place cards, gift tags from Santa (for the year your kids inevitably notice that Santa’s handwriting looks a lot like Daddy’s), holiday cookie labels, return address labels, scrapbooking labels, and so so much more. So finish your last minute shopping by putting a label maker under your tree!

Disclaimer Part Two: A label maker is indeed a great gift, but guys, please do yourselves a favor and make sure it’s not the only thing you get for the lady in your life. Trust me, and you’re welcome.

Countdown to Christmas – Community Food Bank

15 Dec

Today on the Countdown to Christmas I’m featuring Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), a member of Feeding America, distributes food, provides education and training, develops programs to help hungry people throughout the state, and engages all sectors of society in this mission. They have distributed almost 500 million pounds of food valued at roughly one billion dollars.

For every dollar of their operating budget, Community FoodBank distributes ten dollars worth of groceries to pantries, soup kitchens, and other feeding programs throughout New Jersey.

That means that your $1 donation has a ten dollar impact.

Please consider adding 3% to your transaction to cover credit card processing fees.

If you know of a charity or charitable organization that you would like to see featured in this series, send me an email at

You can view the entire Countdown to Christmas series on Pinterest.

Countdown to Christmas – Masbia

14 Dec

Today on the Countdown to Christmas I’m featuring Masbia.

Masbia is a nonprofit soup kitchen network and food pantry, providing hot, nutritious meals daily for hundreds of New Yorkers in desperate need of food, and every week handing out hundreds of weekend take-home packages of groceries. In 2009, Masbia expanded from one kitchen and dining hall in Brooklyn’s Boro Park, to a three-kitchen network throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

In the past year Masbia has served over 500,000 meals to hungry New Yorkers, and with your help they can feed even more next year.

Please consider a $6 donation to provide one hot meal through Masbia.

Please consider adding 3% to your transaction to cover credit card processing fees.

If you know of a charity or charitable organization that you would like to see featured in this series, send me an email at

You can view the entire Countdown to Christmas series on Pinterest.