I Don’t Like Pink

24 Nov

Because I am a lunatic, I signed up for a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. This led me to a large chain sporting goods store in search of a small belt with a pouch for my keys and phone. At my last 5K, I had my friend Danielle hold my keys, but she won’t be there on Thursday.

So anyway, I’m at this popular sporting goods store and I found some belts for men, in black, that were giant. I am not giant. This is why they make sports gear for women, because we’re smaller. So I was looking around for the same belt in a ladies size, and I found it. In bright neon pink. No other options. No thank you.

I don’t like pink. I have nothing against the color, and I don’t care if you like it, and I don’t think liking pink precludes you from being a feminist, I just don’t like it. I also don’t like orange, but orange isn’t forced on me nearly as often.

I left the store without purchasing my key belt, and went home to buy the exact same one on Amazon, in bright blue. Amazon had six different color options for ladies.

Bright neon pink is fine as an option, but as the only option? Come. ON. A hint to sporting goods buyers, all of us women folk are not the same. We like different colors. Only have shelf space for one? Black is fine, thank you.

Like I said, it’s not the existence of pink sports stuff that bothers me. But there is one area where the mere existence of pink ticks me off.

Power tools.

Pink power tools make me rage.

Unlike sports paraphernalia, there is no valid reason to have separate power tools for men and women. And while they do come in various colors – usually dependent on brand – power tools are not a fashion accessories. There is no reason to select one based on color.

Ladies, please don’t perpetrate this insulting marketing tactic. Just say no to pink power tools.

About Last Night – 11/23/14

24 Nov

I didn’t get to much TV this weekend because I was busy busy busy. But here’s what I watched, plus a bonus movie! I never go to the movies.


Okay, I loved it. I thought it was better than the book, but that’s partly because I simply adore Jennifer Lawrence. But really, it was very well done. Go see it. Trust me.

Last Man Standing

I don’t care for Eve. I do love Mike and Chuck. But is it really illegal to sell incandescent bulbs? I use CFLs, so I haven’t bought bulbs in years.


I love that Henry wants to be like his dad. And all along I thought it was Felix I didn’t like, but I really think it’s Daniella. Felix is fine if you talk to him like a person, but she’s always trying to manipulate him and feed his fragile male ego. Honey, stop, it’s 2014. I’m also warming up to Maddie, and I thought boss guy (don’t know his name) was great in this episode.

The Mysteries of Laura

Another great episode. I especially like the new nanny – those boys need some structure and discipline.

The Simpsons

Well, it wasn’t the Thanksgiving episode I was hoping for, but I do like Apu and so I’m glad he got more screen time.

Weekly Round-up – 11/21/14

21 Nov

Here’s what’s going in my life this week…


I haven’t taken a shower since sometime last week. Because I’ve been taking bubble baths. And they are delightful. There’s something so wonderful about sinking into a warm tub of bubbles for a good soak after a long day. It relaxes the muscles, softens the skin, and is a great place to read a book. I’m sticking with baths. So much nicer than a shower.

LA Auto Show

I was at the LA Auto Show press days this week. I’ve been accused of being “not a car person” but I think that’s just because I don’t like driving. I love the Bentley Mulsanne, because one does not drive it, one is driven in it. I also like luxury SUVs, because if I do have to drive myself, I’d like to do so in a Lazy-Boy with a good vantage point. I’m especially in love with the new Escalade.


I’ve been doing some cooking this week, and the results have been very tasty. I made truffle tortellini soup and a boatload of my grandmother’s stuffing. I also made a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because seedless raspberry jam was on sale, and it’s delicious.

Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen, USC Heisman Trophy winner, was at the LA Auto Show posing for photos. He declined to pose like the Heisman, but was rather amused when I chose to do so. Seriously, you can’t take me anywhere.

Turkey Trot

There’s a Turkey Trot in Burbank Thanksgiving morning, and I have clearly lost any remaining sense that I once possessed, because I’m considering doing it. The only thing holding me back is that they don’t have medals. And really, what’s the point of running if there’s no medal?

About Last Night – 11/20/14

21 Nov

First of all, how did it get to be November 20?!? I feel like one of those old ladies who always saying, “Where does the time go?”

The Biggest Loser

They competed as individuals tonight, but still wore team colors, so I don’t know what’s going on. Except that everyone had really low numbers. Lots of disappointed head shaking from all the trainers.

The Big Bang Theory

It’s the final episode of Fun With Flags, which is sad. But there’s a retrospective of highlights, which is amazing. Gotta be honest, the rest of the episode was only okay.


Okay, so I was cooking for my office potluck while watching, so I didn’t catch everything. I liked Bonnie’s bit at the end, and we hit another serious note with Violet.

The McCarthys

Laurie Metcalf, how are you so perfect? In this week’s adventure, the family tries to support Jackie by not joining her in abstaining from a list of activities that pregnant women can’t do. It goes… hilariously.

About Last Night – 11/19/14

20 Nov

Woo hoo! I love holiday episodes. :)

The Middle

I get that Darren is supposed to be stupid, but come on. And Sue needs to take it down a notch. Frankie, Brick, and Mike were in top form. And I liked the Axl/Devin thing.

Modern Family

Deception, multiple turkeys, misunderstandings, sounds like a holiday to me! This episode delivers on every level and hilarity ensues. I love this, it reminds me of some classic I Love Lucy shenanigans.

A note on SVU…

Tonight’s episode is about a sportscaster who is caught on security tape hitting his girlfriend during a dispute. Hmmm… where have I heard that before? I refuse to watch this crap. It’s lazy and insulting. If I wanted to watch dramatizations of real events, I would watch 48 Hours, Dateline, or some other such show.