About Last Night – 10/1/14

2 Oct

Wednesday, my busy TV night!

The Middle

This episode reminded me of all the things that annoy me about this show. Axel takes a bunch of stuff from the Heck house for his new college house, and the kids all make a lot of noise and scream at Frankie while she’s on the phone working. And everyone just kind of shrugs as if there’s nothing that can be done. Ummm… no. Not okay. This was one of the episodes where I was hoping for a meteor to take out all the kids, then thanking my lucky stars that I don’t have any of those monsters in my house. Although in my house, that kind of crap would. not. fly.

The Mysteries of Laura

In the opening scene she gets her gun to investigate a noise that turns out to be her boys. Later in that scene she answers the phone and she’s not holding the gun anymore. Did she put it down in the living room where the kids were playing? Sloppy blocking. Also, she’s wearing a backwards baseball cap, and yet she is over the age of 13. That’s not okay. (I’m clearly writing this with my cranky pants on. They look a lot like my yoga pants.) Continuing with my cranky theme, what is it with out of control kids on TV? Am I supposed to find this charming? I do love the babysitter, at least she can whip those kids into shape. Overall I liked this episode, but it was kind of sad. You know, as opposed to all of those upbeat murder mystery shows out there.

Law & Order: SVU

Another “ripped from the headlines” case involving a celebrity, and it looks like we’ll have another one next week. I don’t particularly care for these – they seem kind of lazy and they’re not the kind of stories that made this show so great. You can skip this one.

Modern Family

I guess my cranky streak is running out, because I really liked this episode. It was fun and cute and heart filled without being gross or obnoxious.


I’m liking Scarlett more this season than I ever have. Maddie is making me nuts. It was nice to see someone put Jeff in his place. Also, how on earth does Rayna think she’s qualified to run a label in 2014? Has she been in a cave for the past three years? How is she so out of touch with the way her own industry works? Oddly enough, the frustration is part of this show’s appeal.

About Last Night – 9/29/14

30 Sep

Here’s what was on tap last night, Monday, September 29.

The Big Bang Theory

Howard is throwing out the first pitch at an Angels game, so naturally hilarity ensues. There’s also a great sub-plot about Amy/Sheldon vs. Penny/Leonard. I like it when they explore Leonard and Penny’s relationship, because beyond pretty much being told that they’re supposed to be together and we’re supposed to root for them, I don’t really see much there.

The Voice

We’re still in blind auditions, and Blake Shelton continues to amuse me. I know ratings for this show are through the roof, but I’m convinced they would be even higher if they just sat Blake and Adam in a room with a bottle of whiskey and turned on a camera. Although Gwen did slay me with her “my parents are watching this!” line.


I continue to love this show. You’d never guess it now, but I spent most of my childhood and teen years surrounded by geniuses – other gifted kids, our amazing teachers, etc. This show isn’t just a fun thriller, it’s an eerily accurate look at how geniuses handle problems and emotions. Meaning, not so well. I’ve adapted – I use sarcasm and cynicism to bury emotions. I love the way they handle the emotional side of these brilliant minds, it’s all so beautifully done.

Zombie Cookies for your Ghouls

29 Sep

I did some baking this weekend, and made sugar cookies decorated like zombies. These would be fun to make with kids, or at at a Halloween party.

These were really easy to do – and fun! I started with a basic sugar cookie recipe and used assorted gingerbread and ninja cookie cutters to do the shapes. I also made a few basic rounds, but that was mostly because my dough was too sticky to work with and rolling it out was giving me fits.

Then I assembled my decorating goodies! I used glitter gel in red and black, black sprinkles, red and black glitter, sour Skittles, and these adorable bloody bone candies that I found at Target.

To decorate, just let your imagination run wild! And when in doubt, add extra blood drops. This is just a sampling of the ones I decorated, but I repeated a lot of the themes. Coming up with zombie ideas that can be executed in sugar is harder than I thought!

These were so much fun to make, and so simple! Definitely a fun way to pass an afternoon and get into the Halloween spirit!

About Last Night – 9/28/14

29 Sep

Here’s what was on my TV last night, Sunday, September 28.

The Biggest Loser

Gotta be honest, at this point in the season I only half watch while I’m doing other things. There are still too many contestants for me to really get emotionally invested. Although there was a segment where the trainers had to eat “bad” food and it was fairly hilarious to see Dolvett freak out at the idea of eating junk.

The Simpsons

The big funeral they’ve been teasing was disappointing. I don’t love the Krusty episodes, and the bit with Lisa was a little more serious than I like for them to get. But overall, it’s The Simpsons. I mean, how disappointing can it really be?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Less than 30 seconds in, I was already laughing. Oh how I’ve missed you, Jake and Captain Holt. And Gina. I love Gina. The writing on this show is so smart – it’s clever and funny and lighthearted and serious and touching when it needs to be.

Family Guy

It’s the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode!! It’s an hour long! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY. Seriously, I was way too excited for this. I need a life. But it was so much fun! I love all the nods and winks to each show’s idiosyncrasies (can’t say what state Springfield is in!). I hope this isn’t still lingering on your DVR, because you need to watch it. Now.

Weekly Round-up!

26 Sep

I found a lot of cool stuff on the ol’ interwebs this week, and wanted to share it with you.

Country Cat

A country song. About cats. It’s branded content from Meow Mix, but you gotta trust me on this. Watch it. You won’t regret it.

Pixi Lash Line Ink

This stuff is amazing, and I’m mad at myself for not discovering it sooner. I’m very picky about my liquid liner, and this one rocks my socks. It doesn’t do that weird “rub off” thing when you go over the line again, and the felt tip has great precision. Best part? You can get it at Target and it’s only $14. Check it – Pixi Lash Line Ink

Lit Crawl LA

I am so excited for this event! It’s a real live “choose your own adventure” through North Hollywood’s Arts District. It’s a free event and sessions start at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm with an after party at 10pm. I’ll be doing the 8pm session, and I can’t wait! More info: Lit Crawl LA

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens

This is all just too adorable – reluctant men are handed kittens, and then they melt.

Teddy Bear

I feel the need to balance out all the cats in this post with my own dog-called-bear-who-thinks-he’s-a-cat.