Friends Emojis – Season 3

28 Aug

It’s time for more Friends emojis! P.S. We’re doing this all the way through Season 10, so I don’t care if you’re all already sick of this.

To refresh your memories, in Season 3 Ross and Rachel were dating (until they were on a break), Monica dated Pete, and Chandler thought he was ready to get serious with Janis.

Same rules as always, assume that they all start with “The One With” or “The One Where”. See if you can guess what they are, and there’s a key at the end. Good luck!

1. TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy
2. TOW No One’s Ready
3. TOW the Jam
4. TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel
5. TOW Frank Jr.
6. TOW the Flashback
7. TOW the Race Car Bed
8. TOW the Giant Poking Device
9. TOW the Football
10. TOW Rachel Quits
11. TOW Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister
12. TOW All the Jealousy
13. TOW Monica and Richard are Just Friends
14. TOW Phoebe’s Ex-Partner
15. TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break
16. TOW the Morning After
17. TOW(out) the Ski Trip
18. TOW the Hypnosis Tape
19. TOW the Tiny T-shirt
20. TOW the Dollhouse
21. TOW a Chick and a Duck
22. TOW the Screamer
23. TOW Ross’s Thing
24. TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion
25. TO at the Beach

So how did I do? Yeah, I know I used honey for jam, but there’s no jam emoji and that was as close as I could get. If you have better ideas I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking to up my emoji game.

Big News. BIG. NEWS.

26 Aug

You guys. YOU GUYS. I just spent an insane amount of money on something that’s not shoes. I BOUGHT A CONDO!

That’s right, I am officially a homeowner, and I am really freaking proud of myself. Because I bought in LA, as a single woman, under 30. And that, my friends, is a really big deal.

I don’t have a ton of photos yet, because I just closed escrow yesterday. But don’t you fret, there will be a ton of photos and videos and updates and all that jazz. In fact, for the entire month of October I’ll be participating in Write 31 Days and featuring home updates and whatnots. So you all have that to look forward to. In the meantime, here are some pictures I took when I was at the condo for inspection.

Here’s the kitchen… I’m going to add a fridge. Spoiler alert.

And the living room, with my fireplace

This is the room that’s going to be my office-slash-craft-room

And this is my favorite feature in the whole place, the thing I saw that made me say, “I”m home.” It’s a tiny Teddy door in the office! So he can chill on the balcony while I work!

So there you go, that’s my big news! I’m very excited because my mama is coming to help me move and get things sorted, and I can’t wait to start decorating!

About Last Night – Nashville Catch Up

25 Aug

Alright, so fall TV is starting again soon and I still have a backlog of Nashville episodes to get through, so I decided to bite the bullet and watch one last night. I started live tweeting, but then decided not to bore everyone with that, so here’s my stream of consciousness post about season 3, episode 18.

To refresh your memory, this is the episode I’m talking about, ‘Nobody Knows but Me.’ And another reminder that if you’re not reading Ashley Spurgeon’s recaps, you are missing out. They’re cackle out loud and scare the dog funny.

So away we go!

Juliette called Avery “Daddy”. That is not okay.

She is FRANTICALLY bouncing that baby with a dumb name. I would cry too, she’s probably giving the thing whiplash.

Dr. Dork. Good burn, Gunnar.

Ominous music played when Layla mentioned Xtina to Jeff. Clearly this means that he slept with her and never called.

Maddie needs to learn to lie faster. And better. Come on, girl, learn to teenage.

Juliette’s assistant can also make the baby stop crying. So far the only person who makes her cry is Juliette.

Xtina knows how to read a man.

How are Bucky and Rayna both so busy when neither one of them ever does any actual work?

Why doesn’t anyone on this show have a publicist? They all desperately need one. Especially Will.

Gunnar is such a douche.

Maddie doesn’t respect Rayna. I can see her point.

I like seeing Luke with Colt. It makes him seem human.

Deacon is going to write with Juliette. Sure, nothing could possibly go wrong here!

Awww…. Juliette already resents her baby. That only took three weeks. Also, do we think they used her actual kid, or found another one?

Deacon isn’t allowed to be pissed at Juliette for being inconsiderate if he won’t tell her that he has cancer.

Seriously, Rayna does NOTHING. Her artists do everything for themselves and then she acts like it’s all her.

Deacon is so selfish.

Poor Avery.

How can Rayna be pissed that Layla signed with Jeff when Rayna hasn’t done anything and Jeff got her the opening gig for Xtina?

Gunnar is wearing a douchebag hat. This fits, because he is a douchebag.

Alright, Rayna just got upgraded to major bitch. She’s mad at Jeff because she says Layla’s talent got her there, not Jeff. WELL IT CERTAINLY WASN’T RAYNA.

Juliette’s slow walk to the crib with the scary music has me convinced she’s going to chuck that baby in a river.

Good, baby still alive, with a live in nanny. At least now she has a fighting chance.

How and why is Avery mad about the nanny? I’m just surprised it took them three weeks. I mean, really, who among us didn’t see this coming?

How did they manage to make Xtina sound bad? She has one of the best voices in the history of voices. I do not understand this show.

OMG Will, learn how to talk to people.

Oh yay! Will Teddy finally go to jail and be out of our lives?!?

See, it’s like you watched it with me! There’s tons of context and everything makes perfect sense! See you again next time I get around to watching an episode.

Don’t Do This to Denim

24 Aug

Y’all, this might it. 2015 might be the year I officially tap out of being fashionable, because if this is fashion, I want no part of it. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately, and I checked with my teen style guru who ensures me that this is, in fact, a thing.

Elastic cuffed denim. No. No no no no no. A thousand times no. Let’s talk about these, both from Target.

First up, we have these tie-front joggers in blue acid wash, retailing for $24.99. (Raise your hand if you’r surprised that these are on clearance.)

First of all, these aren’t actually denim. They’re knit. And they’re acid wash. With an elastic waistband. And elastic cuffs. I cannot fathom an outfit that would make these work, for any situation. Now, I can get behind joggers as an updated yoga pant. They’re fine in solid colors, or even a more subtle print. But in acid wash? No. I draw the line.

Next up, we have these low-rise knit jogger jeans, on clearance for $14.98 from $29.99.

These are even more troubling, because they have all the trappings of actual jeans. Pants you would wear outside of your home. They have a button and zipper fly, and they are not okay. Because even though they’re not acid wash, they have an elastic cuff. It’s like jeans and sweatpants had a baby. A terrible, terrible, Frankenstein’s monster kind of baby.

Listen, I understand that I don’t dress like a teenager anymore, and I shouldn’t. But I like to think I’m still reasonably current. However, if this is what it means to be current, I’m out. If skinny jeans are the new mom jeans, then get me a fanny pack and call me retired from fashion.

Growing Lettuce

19 Aug

If you spend any significant amount of time on Facebook or Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen those links that will show you how to regrow vegetables from scraps, sunlight, and water. These all look very appealing, and I like the idea of reusing things, eliminating waste, reducing my carbon footprint, blah blah blah.

So I tried it with the end of Romaine lettuce in one inch of water, left in sunlight, as per my Pinterest instructions.

And after two days, it grew new lettuce! Like magic! I was so excited and started having visions of myself as some kind of earthy urban gardener, eating salads with greens that I grown myself. It would be glorious.

And then, two days later, it looked like this.

Hmmm… that’s not what Pinterest said would happen! I was supposed to be feasting on my bounty! Maybe it had stalled out. So I let it sit for another two days.

At this point I was pretty much over the whole thing and I threw it out. Romaine lettuce is only $0.99 at Sprouts, and I don’t wanna brag, but I can afford to buy some brand new every week.

So that was my experiment in Pinterest gardening. It… kind of worked?

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